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Lean thinking is based on the legendary Toyota Production System that produces very high quality products; in a very short time and at a low cost. To many people and organisations achieving all three of these goals simultaneously is an impossibility. Lean provides a methodology and tools that enable organisations to make significant improvements in lead time, cost reduction and product or service quality. This course provides delegates with a practical introduction to the lean methods and tools so that they can undertake simpler improvement activities. This two day course is the second part of the Lean Programme.


This two day course uses a blend of theory and practical exercises. During the course delegates will develop an understanding of:

  • The key elements of the Lean thinking and methodology
  • Voice of the customer; customer value and the value stream
  • The identification (learning to see) and elimination of waste in processes
  • The main lean tools and techniques and their practical application


Course Topics (20 topics)

  • Lean Project Charter
  • Voice of the customer and customer value
  • Process flow diagrams
  • Value stream mapping-current state
  • Lean measurement
  • Analysing variability
  • Operational definitions
  • Data collection
  • Analyse current state
  • Determining lean metrics
  • Identifying waste (learning to see)
  • Root cause analysis tools
  • 5S, mistake proofing and visibility principles
  • Push versus pull and kanbans
  • Set-up reduction, SMED
  • Standard work,
  • Workload balance and takt time
  • Future state value stream map
  • Measuring and sustaining the gain
  • Ownership reward and recognition


Delegates should have completed the one day Lean Awareness course.

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course.

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    Gain an understanding of the principles of Lean and how it will benefit your organisation on this 1-day Lean Awareness course.

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    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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