Implementing Juniper Networks Steel-Belted Radius (ISBR)

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This course discusses the configuration for Juniper Networks Steel-Belted Radius server. Key topics include installation, client configuration, users, authentication, and replication. Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience in configuring, testing, and troubleshooting basic aspects of SBR.

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to deploy SBR to support common environments. Specific topics include the following:

  • Overview of RADIUS principals
  • Introduction to SBR
  • Overview of RADIUS clients
  • User authentication
  • Authentication policies
  • SQL authentication
  • Check lists and return lists
  • Extensible Authentication Protocol
  • Tunnels
  • RADIUS realms
  • Administrative tasks

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RADIUS Overview (6 topics)

  • RADIUS Role
  • Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
  • RADIUS Packets
  • Shared Secrets
  • Authentication Protocols
  • RADIUS Accounting

Introduction to Steel-Belted Radius (10 topics)

  • SBR Editions
  • Supported Operating Systems
  • Installation Requirements
  • SBR Server Roles
  • SBR Administrative Options
  • Replication
  • Locating SBR System Information
  • Changing the SBR License
  • Restarting SBR
  • Lab 1: SBR Installation

SBR Users and Clients (3 topics)

  • Adding Clients
  • Supported SBR Users
  • Lab 2: Clients and Users

Authentication Policies (5 topics)

  • Authentication Policies
  • Proxy Targets
  • Proxy Realms
  • Directed Realms
  • Lab 3: Proxy Targets

SQL and LDAP Authentication (5 topics)

  • SQL Authentication overview
  • SQL Authentication Configuration
  • LDAP Authentication Overview
  • LDAP Authentication Configuration
  • Lab 4: SQL Authentication

Checklists and Return List Attributes (9 topics)

  • Adding Clients
  • Implementing Checklists
  • Checklists for Multiple Users
  • Overview of Return Lists
  • Implementing Return Lists
  • Overview of Tunnels
  • Tunneling Traffic Flow
  • Configuring Tunneled Accounting
  • Lab 5: Checklist and Return List Attributes

EAP (4 topics)

  • Overview of EAP
  • EAP Traffic Flow
  • EAP Mechanisms
  • Configuring EAP

Realms (6 topics)

  • Overview of Realms
  • Realm Identifiers
  • Realm Match Rules
  • Undecorated User-Names
  • Additional Routing Methods
  • Lab 6: Realms

Statistics and Reports (4 topics)

  • Statistics
  • Reports and Log Files
  • Lab 7: Statistics and Reports
  • Lab 8: Replication


This course assumes that students have moderate background in internetworking basics, Microsoft Windows navigation, network administration, application support, and authentication, authorization, and accounting.

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