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You have already learnt how to create and edit basic plans in Microsoft Project 2010. You will now see how to manage cost effectively and track the progress of plans in Project. You will exchange project plan data with other applications, customise elements, automate activities in Project with macros and reuse project plan information.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Manage project costs
  • Consolidate and reuse project plan information
  • Exchange project plan data with other applications
  • Update a project plan
  • Customise Project to meet specific requirements

Target Audience

This course is designed for a person who has an understanding of project management concepts, who has the basic skills to create and modify project plans using Microsoft Project 2010, and who needs to use Microsoft Project 2010 to manage and customise those plans through the implementation stage of a project.


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Manage Costs in Microsoft Project (4 topics)

  • Topic A - Assign Different Cost Rates to Resources
  • Topic B - Change the Resource Cost on Individual Tasks
  • Topic C - Alter Costs Based on Time Periods
  • Topic D - Assign Overtime Costs and Work to Resources

Work with Multiple Projects (8 topics)

  • Topic A - Use and Manage Workspaces
  • Topic B - Create a Programme Plan
  • Topic C - Consolidated Project Plans
  • Topic D - Create Interdependencies between Projects
  • Topic E - Identify the Critical Path or Paths in a Programme
  • Topic F - Create a Shared Resource Pool
  • Topic G - Assign Resources using a Resource Pool
  • Topic H - Use Cost Rate Tables with a Resource Pool

What If Analysis (3 topics)

  • Topic A - Earned Value
  • Topic B - View Multiple Baselines in a Single Project
  • Topic C - Use Interim Plans

Import and Export Project Information (5 topics)

  • Topic A - File Formats Supported by Microsoft Project
  • Topic B - Map Project Information
  • Topic C - Export Microsoft Project Information
  • Topic D - Import Information into Microsoft Project
  • Topic E - Use Visual Reports in Microsoft Project

Track Progress and Project Actuals (6 topics)

  • Topic A - Enter Task Progress as Scheduled
  • Topic B - Update a Project Using the Status Date
  • Topic C - Reschedule Incomplete Work
  • Topic D - Update Task Actuals
  • Topic E - Report Against Progress
  • Topic F - Move a Project

Customise Microsoft Project (9 topics)

  • Topic A - Work with the Timeline Feature
  • Topic B - Create Custom Fields
  • Topic C - Create Custom Filters
  • Topic D - Create Custom Tables
  • Topic E - Create Custom Views
  • Topic F - Create Custom Reports
  • Topic G - Create Templates
  • Topic H - Use the Organizer
  • Topic I - Macros


  • An understanding of project management concepts.
  • Knowledge of a Windows operating system, XP Vista or Windows 7.
  • Knowledge equivalent to, or attendance on, QA's Microsoft Project 2010 Introduction course.

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