IBM Security SiteProtector System Basic Implementation and Administration Workshop

2 Day Course
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This hands-on instructor-led workshop provides concepts, processes, procedures and best practices necessary to successfully use the SiteProtector management platform. Intrusion prevention systems are a critical part of any information security architecture, and this workshop helps students master the tools required to successfully implement and manage the IBM security infrastructure.

The course materials focus on mastering the SiteProtector Console. Students gain knowledge of the SiteProtector components, learning how the different components act in concert to monitor and protect a real-world network. Students also learn through hands-on labs how to configure SiteProtector, as well as how to monitor and manage assets through the SiteProtector console.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe the SiteProtector architecture, its components, and the security appliances and software agents managed by SiteProtector
  • Install SiteProtector components
  • Navigate and configure the SiteProtector Console
  • Organize network assets
  • Create, modify, deploy and manage policies
  • Assign and manage SiteProtector permissions
  • Update SiteProtector components and agents
  • Manage SiteProtector components
  • Use SiteProtector tools to moniore and analyze events
  • Configure agent responses
  • Export data and run reports

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Course Topics (13 topics)

  • Introduction to SiteProtector
  • SiteProtector Installation
  • Using the SiteProtector Console
  • Configuring Site and Console Options
  • Organizing Network Assets
  • Assigning and Managing SiteProtector Permissions
  • Managing Policies
  • Updating SiteProtector Components and Agents
  • Managing SiteProtector Components
  • Monitoring and Analyzing Events
  • Using Advanced Analysis Tools
  • Configuring Responses
  • Exporting Analysis Data and Generating Reports


Students should have working knowledge of TCP/IP and Windows 2003 Server.

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