Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) RHEL6 Rapid Track Course without Exam

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The RHCSA Rapid Track Course (RH199) is designed for experienced Linux System Administrators who want to harden their technical skill set and work towards the RHCSA certification. Using a best-of-breed contemporary teaching approach, students will learn to properly manage a Linux workstation and server, including installation and configuration of local components and services as well as connections to existing network services. To successfully navigate this course, students must already have solid Linux command line experience to perform tasks at an accelerated pace. In addition, they should possess the necessary skills to execute common commands such as cp, grep, sort, mkdir, tar, mkfs, ssh, and yum, and be familiar with accessing man pages for help. At the completion of the course, students will be adequately prepared to take the Red Hat Certified System Administration (RHCSA) exam. Please note that the exam is not included in this course only offering. It can be booked separately, or as part of the RH200 course.

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Establish Network Connectivity (1 topic)

  • Objective: Configure, manage, and test static network settings

Administer Users and Groups (1 topic)

  • Objective: Implement password aging and configure an LDAP client

Monitor System Resources (1 topic)

  • Objective: Manage CPU, memory, and disk utilization; manage system logs

Manage System Software (1 topic)

  • Objective: Install software and query with yum using RHN and a custom repository

Deploy Network Services (1 topic)

  • Objective: Deploy VNC, FTP, and web services and require key authentication with SSH

Secure Filesystems and Network Services (1 topic)

  • Objective: Restrict file access with ACLs and secure network services with a firewall and SELinux

Manage Physical Storage (1 topic)

  • Objective: Manage encrypted partitions, filesystems, and swap space

Manage Logical Volumes (1 topic)

  • Objective: Understand Logical Volume concepts and manage Logical Volumes, including snapshots

Control the Boot Process (1 topic)

  • Objective: Understand runlevels and manage GRUB

Tune and Maintain the Kernel (1 topic)

  • Objective: Pass parameters to the kernel and manage kernel modules

Automate Installation with Kickstart (1 topic)

  • Objective: Create kickstart configurations and use them to install Linux

Manage Virtual Machines (1 topic)

  • Objective: Deploy and manage KVM virtual machines

Troubleshoot System Problems (1 topic)

  • Objective: Apply a systematic approach to diagnosing and correcting system failures

Research Red Hat Resources (1 topic)

  • Objective: Access Red Hat documentation and services


Delegates should have between 1 and 3 years of Linux administration experience and be able to: * Use the BASH shell and manage files and directories from the command-line * Configure print queues to local and remote printers * Monitor system resources at a basic level (ps, kill) * Manage system software (install and update packages with yum) * Establish network connectivity using DHCP * Administer local user and group accounts * Manage local, physical storage * Install Linux graphically on a bare-metal system

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