Understanding and Managing the threat of Malware

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This 3-day workshop is designed to give delegates a broad overview of both the technical and social engineering aspects of modern malware.

This instructor-led event will combine lectures on the types of malware currently in use on the Internet, how that malware is created and distributed, strategies used for infecting victims, and how malware can be detected and removed. The course also contains exercises in which delegates will inspect and use different types of malware, create malware infections in a controlled virtual environment and clean malware from computers.

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Types of Malware (5 topics)

  • Trojans
  • Adware
  • Spyware
  • Rootkits
  • Multi-stage attacks

Rootkits (3 topics)

  • Function
  • Infection and concealment mechanisms
  • Common rootkits

Exercise: Using a rootkit (1 topic)

  • Performing an 'evil maid' attack

Trojans (4 topics)

  • Infection mechanisms
  • Multi-stage attacks
  • Common Trojans
  • Multi-stage attacks

Exercise: Infecting a client (2 topics)

  • Malware configuration
  • Creating an infected webpage

Botnets (5 topics)

  • Types of botnets
  • Command & Control strategies
  • Obfuscation techniques
  • The Storm botnet
  • The Koobface botnet

Exercise: Botnets (2 topics)

  • Joining a botnet
  • Analysing botnet traffic

Commercial malware creation (4 topics)

  • Who creates malware
  • Common commercial strategies
  • The Mpack kit
  • Modern kits

Exercise: Malware creation kits (2 topics)

  • Exploring the Mpack kit
  • Infecting a web server

Malware Detection & Removal (2 topics)

  • Common tools
  • Manual cleaning

Exercise: Cleaning Infected Computers (2 topics)

  • Automated tools
  • Manual cleaning


The prerequisites for this workshop are attendance of the Security Fundamentals course, or equivalent knowledge.

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