Adobe Flash Builder 4: Introduction

3 Day Course
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This Adobe authorised course provides application developers with hands-on, practical experience using Flash Builder 4 with Flex 4 and Actionscript 3.

This is a three day course which introduces developers to all the primary features of Flash Builder development necessary in order to build functional, well architected Rich Internet Applications (RIA).

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Introduction (2 topics)

  • Introducing Adobe Flash Builder 4
  • Flex and MXML

Getting Started (2 topics)

  • Eclipse and Flash Builder 4
  • Creating the Hello World application

Flash Builder Fundamentals (8 topics)

  • The Flash Builder 4 interface
  • Understanding The Workspace
  • Project Types
  • Creating a simple Flex application
  • Laying out a Flex application with containers
  • Adding user interface controls
  • Creating bindings between components
  • Architecting an application with MXML components

Handling Events (4 topics)

  • Understanding Events
  • Creating Event handlers using inline ActionScript Handling Events with ActionScript functions
  • Placing ActionScript functions in external files
  • Understanding the Event object

Using Simple Controls (3 topics)

  • Using Buttons and checkboxes
  • Working with text
  • Adding simple controls to an application

Laying out an Application with Containers (4 topics)

  • How containers work
  • Application, Panel, Form, Grid, Box and Tile
  • Container best practices
  • Component layout and sizing rules

Using a Constraint-based Layout (6 topics)

  • Understanding absolute positioning
  • Positioning components within the Canvas container
  • Positioning components inside a Canvas
  • Creating a constraint-based layout using Flex Builder 3
  • Creating a constraint-based layout in MXML
  • Using constraint-based layouts with nested components

Using View States for Application Design (5 topics)

  • Understanding view states
  • Creating states
  • Controlling view states
  • Reviewing the generated MXML code
  • View states that include custom components states

Creating Application Navigation (7 topics)

  • Understanding navigator containers
  • LinkBar, TabBar and ViewStack
  • TabNavigator container
  • Accordion container
  • ButtonBar & ToggleButtonBar
  • Navigating the course application using the ViewStack and TabBar container
  • Integration with Flash Catalyst

Customizing the Application (8 topics)

  • Using CSS
  • Skinning Spark components
  • Customizing Flex application look and feel
  • Using the Styles API to change look-and-feel
  • Using theme styles
  • Changing the look and feel
  • Applying behaviours to components
  • Applying transitions to view states

MXML and ActionScript Data Models (6 topics)

  • Using the MVC design pattern
  • Creating an MXML data model
  • Using ActionScript classes as a data model
  • Instantiating an Object from an ActionScript class
  • Creating an ActionScript constructor with parameters
  • Defining class methods

Exchanging Data Between Components Using Custom Events (5 topics)

  • Understanding bindings
  • Using a binding to get data from a component
  • Creating custom events
  • Creating, dispatching and handling a custom event
  • Sending data with a custom event

Looping Through Data Using a Repeater (4 topics)

  • Understanding the Repeater component
  • Using dataProvider data in repeated controls
  • Using Repeater data in ActionScript
  • Referencing repeated components

Displaying Dynamic Data (7 topics)

  • Using the DataGrid control
  • Displaying simple XML Data in a DataGrid
  • Specifying DataGrid columns
  • Using item renderers
  • Using the TileList and HorizontalList
  • Using events with list-based components
  • Application server integration

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