M2159: Deploying and Managing Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2000

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M2159

This course has been retired in favour of the newer 2004 version.


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Module 1: Overview of Microsoft ISA Server (6 topics)

  • Introducing ISA Server
  • Using the Cache Service
  • Using the Firewall Service
  • Deployment Scenarios for ISA Server
  • ISA Server Configurations

Module 2: Installing and Maintaining ISA Server (4 topics)

  • Installing ISA Server
  • Installing and Configuring ISA Server Clients
  • Maintaining an ISA Server Array

Module 3: Enabling Secure Internet Access (5 topics)

  • Policies and Rules Overview
  • Creating Policy Elements
  • Configuring Access Policies and Rules
  • Using ISA Server Authentication

Module 4: Configuring Caching (4 topics)

  • How Caching Works
  • Configuring Caching
  • Configuring Caching for Specific Sites

Module 5: Configuring Access to Internal Resources (5 topics)

  • Publishing Concepts
  • Configuring Server Publishing
  • Adding as H.323 Gatekeeper to ISA Server
  • Configuring VPN Access

Module 6: Configuring the Firewall (4 topics)

  • Securing the Server
  • Configuring IP Packet Filters
  • Configuring Firewall Filters

Module 7: Monitoring and Reporting (7 topics)

  • Planning a Monitoring and Reporting Strategy
  • Monitoring Intrusion Detection by Configuring Alerts
  • Monitoring Internet Access Requests by Configuring Logging
  • Analysing ISA Server Activity by Creating Reports
  • Monitoring Real-Time Activity
  • Testing the ISA Configuration

Module 8: Configuring ISA Server for the Enterprise (6 topics)

  • Installing ISA Server in the Enterprise
  • Using Enterprise Policies
  • Managing Network Connections
  • Optimising Cache Performance
  • Enhancing ISA Server Functions with Add-on Services


Delegates should have completed:
  • Course 2152, Implementing Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server, or equivalent knowledge of Windows 2000 Professional and Server.
  • Course 2153, Implementing a Microsoft Windows 2000 Network Infrastructure, or equivalent knowledge of Windows 2000 networking.