Principles of Change Management - Foundation and Practitioner (inc exams)

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This 5 day course provides delegates with the opportunity to look at approaches to managing change and demonstrate they can apply the principles in practice. Four core areas will be explored: change and the organisation, change and the individual, communications and stakeholder engagement and change management in practice. Together they will enable a delegate to develop a comprehensive change management plan to support effective change within an organisation.

Prior to the course delegates will receive learning material to help them prepare adequately. All relevant course materials are provided, including the core textbook "The Effective Change Manager's Handbook". The course includes both the Change Management foundation and practitioner examination. Success in the examination enables delegates to apply for exemption from the knowledge level requirements for foundation level membership of the Change Management Institute.

This course gives delegates the opportunity to comprehensively explore current thinking on how to manage organisation change. Classroom sessions will introduce delegates to the foundation and practitioner level content of The Effective Change Manager's Handbook and provide an opportunity to test their understanding through practical group work and the use of sample examination papers. Additional evening work will be required in the form of consolidation reading and further sample examination questions. The evening work is an integral part of the course and delegates should expect to spend approximately two and half hours on these activities each evening.

Pre-Course Reading

Delegates are provided with access to QA's pre-course learning material that will help them prepare for the classroom sessions. The pre-course work is expected to take approximately 20 hours to complete (although delegates may wish to spend longer on this activity to help them prepare more effectively).


During this course, you will learn how to:

  • Recognise the drivers for change
  • Consider the impact of change on individuals within the organisation
  • Identify different organisation cultures and understand their impact on the change process
  • Select an appropriate framework to use as the basis for the creation of a change management plan
  • Plan learning activities to support change
  • Identify and analyse stakeholders to understand their influence on the change plan
  • Create and implement a communications management plan
  • Develop an effective change team

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Managing change and the individual (5 topics)

  • Understand how to support people learn what they need to during change
  • Appreciate different approaches to change management and their implications for supporting individuals through change
  • Understand why people react as they do and how delegates can help them through the change process
  • Consider the use of coaching and feedback as tools to support individuals through change
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the application of these principles through a scenario based sample examination question

Managing change and the team (5 topics)

  • Appreciate why teams are important in change
  • Understand what factors contribute to team success
  • Understand how teams change and develop and so help delegates to deliver improvements in team performance
  • Be aware of a number fo techniques that can be used to support teams participating in change
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the application of these principles through a scenario based sample examination question

Managing change and the organisation (6 topics)

  • Be able to identify key metaphors describing how organisations change and how these can help delegates plan appropriate action during change
  • Understand what assumptions people have about organisational change
  • Formulate an integrated model of the change management process within organisations and how this can help delegates to introduce successful change within an organisation
  • Know what the key areas to consider are when planning organisational change
  • Understand the barriers organisations face in achieving successful change
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the application of these principles through a scenario based sample examination question

Leadership and change (6 topics)

  • Understand the difference between management and leadership
  • Identify different leadership styles and their effects on the change process
  • Understand the important role leaders have to play in change management
  • Begin to develop a healthy response to the demands of change management leadership
  • Understand the importance of stakeholder management and have an appreciation of the use of stakeholder analysis tools which can support effective leadership of change
  • Demonstrate their understanding of the application of effective leadership through a scenario based sample examination question


While there are no formal pre-requisites to attending the course, delegates will be expected to undertake eight to twelve hours preparatory work. Delegates will be provided with course pre-reading approximately 10 days prior to attending the course. The material will include the course text Making Sense of Change Management by Cameron and Green, the Practitioner level handbook and a pre-course reading guide. Delegates will be expected to have completed this work prior to attending the course. Delegates must bring photo id with them to show to examination invigilator (Passport, Photo Driving licence).

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