M80017: Financials II in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

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This two-day instructor-led course explores the advanced financial functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Some topics that are covered include the setup and usage of budgeting, cash flow management, multicurrency, intercompany, and consolidated accounting. Additionally, students learn multiple advanced payment options, XBRL taxonomy, customer account statements, collection letters, interest, year-end close functionality, and financial statements. This course is an extension of the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Financials I collection.


On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Set up and maintain budgets.
  • Understand cash flow functionality.
  • Set up and maintain multicurrency.
  • Understand advanced payment functionality.
  • Set up and process intercompany accounting.
  • Setup and process company consolidations.
  • Set up and process customer account statements, collection letters, and interest.
  • Create and use dimension hierarchies.
  • Import and use XBRL taxonomy.
  • Perform a year-end close.
  • Set up and print financial statements.

Target Audience

Who Should Attend:

This course is intended for people on the implementation, training, or support teams or those who administer or use the financial management modules.

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Budgeting (12 topics)

  • Create a Budget Model
  • Period Allocation Keys
  • Enter Budget Numeric Data
  • Generate a Ledger Budget Report
  • Apply Setup Features to the Budget
  • Simulate Budgets
  • Edit Budgets
  • Budget Revisions
  • View Budget Data and Reports
  • Lab: Create a Budget Model
  • Lab: Create Period Allocation Keys Using the Wizard
  • Lab: Enter and Generate a Budget

Cash Flow Management (9 topics)

  • Relationship of Cash Flow to Other Modules
  • Set Up Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Define a Cash Flow Forecast Budget Model
  • Create Cash Flow Transactions
  • Calculate Cash Flow Transactions
  • Lab: Set Up a Ledger Account for Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Lab: Set Up a Dependent Ledger Account
  • Lab: Create a Budget Entry to Include in Cash Flow
  • Lab: Calculate Cash Flow Transactions

Multicurrency (4 topics)

  • Setup
  • Exchange Rate Adjustments
  • Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable Exchange Rate Adjustments
  • Lab: Accounts Receivable Exchange Rate Adjustment

Advanced Payments (10 topics)

  • Bridging Accounts
  • Electronic Vendor Payments
  • Electronic Customer Payments
  • Centralized Payments
  • Prepayments (Deposits)
  • Bill of Exchange Administration
  • Ledger Accrual
  • Lab: Bridging Accounts
  • Lab: Prepayments Setup
  • Lab: Ledger Accrual

Intercompany Accounting (6 topics)

  • Post Intercompany Transactions
  • Intercompany Posting Setup Demonstration
  • Post an Intercompany Transaction Demonstration
  • Trace an Intercompany Entry Demonstration
  • Lab: Enter and Post an Intercompany Transaction
  • Lab: Trace an Intercompany Transaction

Consolidations (10 topics)

  • Set Up a Consolidation Company
  • Set Up a Subsidiary Company
  • Perform a Consolidation
  • Consolidations Inquiry
  • View and Delete Consolidation Transactions
  • Intercompany Eliminations
  • Lab: Set Up a Consolidation Company
  • Lab: Perform a Consolidation
  • Lab: Consolidations Inquiry
  • Lab: View and Delete Consolidation Transactions

Customer Account Statement, Collection Letter, and Interest (9 topics)

  • Customer Account Statement
  • Set Up Collection Letters
  • Process Collection Letters
  • Set Up Interest Codes
  • Calculate Interest
  • Lab: Set Up a Collection Letter
  • Lab: Collection Letter
  • Lab: Set Up an Interest Code
  • Lab: Calculate Interest

Dimension Hierarchies (6 topics)

  • Dimension Sets, Hierarchies, and Rules
  • Dimension Sets
  • Dimension Subsets
  • Dimension Set Hierarchy
  • Dimension Set Rules
  • Lab: Dimensions, Sets, Hierarchies, and Rules

XBRL Taxonomy (4 topics)

  • XBRL Taxonomy
  • Import XBRL Taxonomy
  • Create an XBRL File from the Financial Statement
  • Lab: Import XBRL Taxonomy

Year-End Close (5 topics)

  • Create a New Fiscal Year
  • Control Transactions in a Closing Period
  • Create and Post a Closing Sheet
  • Transfer Opening Balances
  • Lab: Year-End Close

Financial Statements (8 topics)

  • Dimension Focus
  • Financial Statement Row Definition
  • Financial Statement Column Definition
  • Print a Financial Statement
  • Demonstration: Create a Balance Sheet
  • Dimension Reports and Inquiries
  • Lab: Create and Print a Financial Statement
  • Lab: Create a Dimension Statement


* Basic knowledge of accounting principles. * An understanding of how to move within Microsoft Dynamics AX. * In addition, we recommend, but do not require, that students have completed: * Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Introduction collection * Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 Financials I collection

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