M2019: Building Solutions in Microsoft Exchange 2000 with the Web Storage System

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M2019

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Exchange Server Training Courses.


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Module 1: Introduction to the Web Storage System (7 topics)

  • Web Storage System Overview
  • Web Storage System Architecture
  • Web Storage System Functionality in Exchange 2000
  • Web Storage System Administrative Features
  • Overview of the Web Storage System Schema
  • Extending the Web Storage System Schema

Module 2: Accessing Exchange 2000 Data by Using OLE DB and ADO (7 topics)

  • Examining Universal Data Access with OLE DB
  • Accessing Exchange 2000 Data by Using OLE DB
  • Examining ADO Features and Objects
  • Accessing Exchange 2000 Data by Using ADO
  • Accessing Exchange 2000 Data by Using OLE 2.5 Objects
  • Accessing Exchange 2000 Data by Using Scoped Operations

Module 3: Incorporating CDO for Exchange 2000 into a Web Solution (8 topics)

  • CDO for Exchange 2000 Architecture
  • CDO for Exchange 2000 Object Model
  • Accessing the Web Storage System Data by Using CDO for Exchange 2000
  • Updating Contact and Calendar Information
  • Adding Messaging and Calendar Functionality
  • Determining When to Use CDO for Exchange 2000 or ADO
  • Managing Exchange 2000 by Using CDO for Exchange 2000

Module 4: Creating Web Storage System Forms (7 topics)

  • Introduction to Web Storage System Forms
  • Incorporating Web Storage System Data Using Microsoft FrontPage® 2000
  • Adding Functionality to a Web Application by Extending OWA
  • Comparing the Development of Web Storage System Forms in HTML and ASP
  • Comparing Web Storage System Forms with Microsoft Outlook® 2000 Forms
  • Using the Web Storage System Forms Object Model

Module 5: Enhancing Web Solutions Using Web Storage System Events (9 topics)

  • Web Storage System Event Architecture
  • Comparing Web Storage System Event Types
  • Examining Web Storage System Event Sources
  • Enhancing Web Storage System Applications by Using Event Sinks
  • Registering Web Storage System Sink Events
  • Developing Web Storage System Events in Microsoft Visual Basic®
  • Implementing Business Rules by Using the Exchange 2000 Event Model
  • Examining Store Event Security with Component Services

Module 6: Building Workflow Applications for Exchange 2000 (6 topics)

  • Introduction to CDO Workflow
  • Workflow Application Architecture
  • Workflow Styles
  • Integrating Workflow by Using Workflow Designers
  • Integrating Workflow by Using CDO Workflow Objects

Module 7: Creating Documents by Using XML and XSL (7 topics)

  • Introduction to XML
  • XML Structure and Syntax
  • Tools for Creating and Viewing XML Documents
  • Creating Unique Elements Using Namespaces
  • Validating XML
  • Presenting XML Data Using XSL

Module 8: Accessing Exchange 2000 Data by Using XML and HTTP (6 topics)

  • Introduction to HTTP
  • Accessing Exchange 2000 Data Using HTTP 1.1 Methods
  • Accessing Exchange 2000 Data Using WebDAV Extension Methods
  • Creating a Search Folder Using WebDav Methods
  • XMLHTTP Objects

Module 9: Deploying and Managing Exchange 2000 Web Solutions (6 topics)

  • Discussing Deployment Issues and Management Objects
  • Creating Folders and Setting Permissions
  • Installing Web Storage Forms
  • Installing Workflow Applications
  • Tuning Indexes


Students should have attended course 780B, Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 5 or course 1013A, Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 6 Development, or have equivalent experience. and attended course 1017A, Mastering Web Application Development Using Microsoft Visual InterDev 6, or have equivalent experience.