Nortel CS1K Rls 6 - Support Specialist Bootcamp

10 Day Course

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This 10 day intensive course is designed to take candidates with some understanding of IP and Telephony through the aspects of building, configuring and administering a CS1K Rel 6 Telephone switch.

The Target audience for the course are candidates with little or no experience of CS1K who wish to prepare for the NCSS (Nortel Certified Support Specialist) certification or just prepare themselves for working with the equipment.

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the Architecture of a CS1K system and Upgrade options
  • Install Base Linux and VxWorks Call servers
  • Deploy Applications to Linux Servers
  • Complete Basic configuration of CoRes, Standard Availability and High availability call servers
  • Configure Phone sets through CLI & Element Manager
  • Configure Virtual Trunks & PRI trunks
  • Carry out Maintenance tasks
  • Carry out an Import to Subscriber Manager to create users and Phone sets

Training Partners

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Key Areas (4 topics)

  • System architecture
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Telephone administration
  • Routing & Dial plans


Delegates must had a good understanding of IP and Digital telephony. The VOIP fundamentals CD or online course (0365) is ideal preparation. If you are new to Nortel and or have no prior CS1K training then the Meridian 1 foundation (EM1040) may be the perfect bridge.

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