Introduction to VB Script and Scripting for Windows Administrators

4 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Visual Studio Training Courses.


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An Introduction To Programming (6 topics)

  • Explanation of what a program is
  • How to design a program
  • Understanding the Specification; Use Cases Flowcharts and Psuedo Code
  • Logical layers
  • Development LifeCycle
  • Other Issues

VBScript Fundamentals (7 topics)

  • What is scripting?
  • Writing VBScript code
  • Variables and constants
  • Operators
  • Boolean Logic
  • Logical decision making
  • Looping statements

Procedural Programming (4 topics)

  • What is procedural programming; Subroutines and Functions
  • Writing and calling procedures
  • Scope
  • MsgBox and InputBox

Object Fundamentals (6 topics)

  • What is an object
  • Type libraries and classes
  • How to create and use objects
  • What are properties and methods
  • How to access properties and methods
  • How to identify the available objects in a library How to identify the available properties and methods

Automating Applications and command line tools (2 topics)

  • Using the WSH Shell object to launch applications, control them and manipulate their output
  • Creating a ping function to check machine availability.

User Input through WSH (1 topic)

  • Getting user input through arguments and the standard input streams.

The Registry (3 topics)

  • Reading information from the registry
  • Deleting registry values and keys
  • Creating and modifying the registry.

Shortcuts (2 topics)

  • Creating shortcuts
  • Accessing the paths to special folders via script.

The Network Object (2 topics)

  • Mapping network drives
  • Enumerating mapped drives and installed printers Installing printers via script.

Folders (4 topics)

  • Enumerating folders
  • Creating and deleting folders
  • Reading and modifying folder properties
  • Retrieving drive information.

Files (4 topics)

  • Enumerating files
  • Creating and deleting files
  • Reading and writing to files
  • Sending emails via the FileSystemObject.

Spreadsheets (1 topic)

  • Using the Excel objects to read from and write to spreadsheets.

Databases (2 topics)

  • Using the ActiveX Data Object model to access databases; System DSNs
  • Reading and Writing to SQL databases.

Appendix VBScript Language (3 topics)

  • Functions provided in VBScript; string, date and numeric functions
  • Conversion Functions
  • Is Functions

Appendix WMI (2 topics)

  • Using simple scripts to utilise Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  • The WMI scriptomatic tool.

Appendix Introduction to ADSI (2 topics)

  • Using simple scripts to utilise Active Directory Services Interface (ADSI)
  • The ADSI scriptomatic tool


The course is written for administrators/IT professionals who have and would like to use VB Script to ease their administrative burden by automating repetitive tasks. The typical attendee will be an administrator/IT professional who is interested in examining how scripts can benefit and enhance their day-to-day environment This course assumes no knowledge of VBScript mechanisms, but it does assume knowledge of the Windows interface.

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