NFS Administration on Data OnTap v7.3

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NFS Administration on Data ONTAP® 7.3 is an instructor-led course designed for those who provide support and administration for an NFS environment on NetApp® storage systems running the Data ONTAP operating system. The course covers the NFS protocol and implementation criteria; configuration, administration, and monitoring options; and troubleshooting NFS problems.

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Course Objectives (13 topics)

  • Explain NFS protocol overview, NFS versions, and NFS implementation criteria
  • Configure NFS protocol and options on the storage system
  • Configure the storage system to export resources to clients
  • Configure access permissions and options
  • Configure the clients to mount resources from the storage syste
  • Administer exported resources to targets
  • Monitor the usage of exported resources
  • Create quota reports based on resource usage
  • State the rules for exporting resources to hosts, subnets, and netgroups
  • Explain the /etc/exports access options and how they relate to mount permissions
  • Review approaches to harden security for a storage system in an NFS environment
  • Collect NFS performance statistics with storage system commands and tools
  • Troubleshoot basic NFS problems


- Data ONTAP Fundamentals or equivalent experience - Introduction to Network Appliance™ Products, v4 (WBT) - Working knowledge of UNIX® or equivalent experience - Familiarity with networking concepts

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