Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Custom Workflows for End Users - Advanced Skills

3 Day Course
Hands On

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Reusable and Site Workflows (4 topics)

  • Reusable Workflows (2010 Workflows Only)
  • Globally Reusable Workflows (2010 Workflows Only)
  • Create a Site Workflow
  • Deploying List and Site Workflow Solutions (2013 Workflows Only)

Advanced Workflow Features (2 topics)

  • Use workflow actions to: Check In and Check Out Documents; Delete Drafts and Previous Document Versions (2010 workflows only); Declare and Undeclare a Record (2010 Workflows only)
  • Using 2013 based Workflow Actions: Use The Parallel Block Completion Condition; Work with Loops

Creating a Workflow with Elevated Permissions (3 topics)

  • Understanding Elevated Permissions
  • Impersonation Steps and Associated Actions (2010 Workflow Template)
  • The App Catalog and the App Step (2013 Workflow template)

Creating Workflows using Visio Professional 2013 (9 topics)

  • The Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Workflow Stencil
  • Building a 2010 Workflow using Visio Professional
  • Importing a Visio Workflow into SharePoint Designer
  • Export a SharePoint Designer Workflow as a Visio File
  • The Microsoft 2013 SharePoint Workflow Template
  • Creating a 2013 Workflow using Visio Professional
  • Using Stage Outlines
  • Importing and Exporting 2013 Visio Files
  • Using the Visual Designer

Secondary Workflows for SharePoint 2010 Workflows (4 topics)

  • Defining a Secondary Workflow
  • Avoiding Infinite Loops
  • Workflow ID Fields
  • Creating Primary and Secondary Workflows

Secondary Workflows for SharePoint 2013 workflows (4 topics)

  • Limitations using Secondary Workflows in a 2013 based workflow system
  • Looping Stages
  • The Wait for Event in List Item action
  • Create a 2013 Secondary Workflow

Using Content Types within Workflows (3 topics)

  • Recap on Use of Content Types
  • Using workflows to create documents based on Content Types
  • Use a Content Type to create a custom 2013 Workflow Task

Integrating InfoPath Forms (6 topics)

  • Use of InfoPath Forms in SharePoint
  • Requirements for Integrating InfoPath Forms in SharePoint
  • Considerations for Designing InfoPath Forms for SharePoint
  • Using InfoPath to Edit SharePoint List Forms
  • Using InfoPath to Create Forms for a Form Library
  • Combining InfoPath Forms and Workflows

Using Task Processes (6 topics)

  • Understanding Task Processes within SharePoint 2010 workflows
  • The Task Process Summary Page
  • Task Process Conditions and Actions
  • Task Process Data Sources and Initiation Forms
  • Customising the Start Approval Process and Start Feedback Process actions
  • Using the Start a Task Process action (2013 Workflow Template)

Working with Web Services in a Workflow (8 topics)

  • Use Dictionary Variables
  • The SharePoint 2013 REST Service
  • Using RESTful HTTP requests
  • The Call HTTP Web Service Action
  • Calling Web Service data using the GET Method
  • Interpreting Web Service Data using Third Party Tools
  • Viewing Requests to the REST service
  • Adding HTML Content to Workflow Emails


  • A basic understanding of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.
  • Experience using Internet Explorer or an equivalent browser.
  • Have knowledge of using SharePoint as a Site Owner or Site Collection Administrator.
  • Experience with or have attended Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Custom Workflows for End Users - Advanced (QASPWF13L1).
  • Experience with or have attended Microsoft InfoPath 2013 SharePoint Integration (QAIP13SI).
  • Has an understanding of what is expected of them by their organisation on what business systems or processes need automation.

Please Note: If you attend a course and do not meet the prerequisites you may be asked to leave.