M50217: Planning, Deploying and Managing Microsoft System Center Service Manager 2010

4 Day Course
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Code M50217

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft System Centre Training.


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ITIL/MOF Overview (4 topics)

  • Why People and Processes Matter
  • IT Service Lifecycle
  • Manage Layer
  • Change and Configuration Management

Change Management (2 topics)

  • The Change Management SMF Processes and Workflow
  • Change Management in Service Manager

Configuration Management (7 topics)

  • ITIL Definition of Configuration Management
  • ITIL Configuration Management Workflow
  • The Purpose of the Configuration Management SMF
  • System Center Service Manager CMDB
  • System Center Configuration Manager Integration
  • System Center Operation Manager Integration
  • How Service MAP Can Give Input to CMDB

Service Desk (6 topics)

  • ITIL Definition of Service Desk
  • MOF Operate Phase
  • The Goals of the Customer Service SMF
  • The Purpose of the Customer Service SMF
  • Key Role Types in the Customer Service SMF
  • The Customer Service SMF Processes and Workflow

Incident Management (3 topics)

  • Incident Management in System Center Service Manager
  • Service Desk Scenario in Service Manager
  • Lab: Policy and Process Exercise: Incident Management

Problem Management (7 topics)

  • ITILs Definition of Problem Management
  • The ITIL Problem Management Process
  • The Goals of the Problem Management SMF
  • The Purpose of the Problem Management SMF
  • Key Role Types in the Problem Management SMF
  • The Problem Management SMF Processes and Workflow
  • Policy and Process Exercise: Problem Management

Reviews and Reports (2 topics)

  • Purpose of SMF Reviews
  • SCSM Data Warehouse and Reports

Organizational Analysis (2 topics)

  • Overview of the Teams Used with Service Manager (MOF)
  • Description of Teams that Should Be in Place to Implement Service Manager

Planning and Architecture Design (9 topics)

  • Understanding the Quality of IT Processes
  • Understand the Requirements for the System Center Products that Service Manager will Integrate With
  • Reporting and Data Warehouse Requirements
  • Self Service Portal Requirements
  • Service Manager Components
  • Inside Service Manager
  • Service Manager Scalability
  • Hardware Sizing
  • Implementation Scenarios

Deploying Service Manager (6 topics)

  • Sizing the Environment (performance impact)
  • Installation and Setup
  • High Availability
  • SQL Best Practice
  • Troubleshooting
  • Lab: Installing Service Manager - Duration 60 minutes

Configuration Management and Connectors (6 topics)

  • Configuration Management with Service Manager
  • Connectors
  • Active Directory
  • Operations Manager
  • Configuration Manager
  • Lab: Configuring Connectors - Duration 60 minutes

Service Manager Management Packs (8 topics)

  • Explain the concepts of Management Packs and how they work
  • Explaining the different Management Packs Types
  • Explain the content and modules of a Management Pack
  • Explain the Incident Management Pack
  • Explain the Problem Management Pack
  • Explain the Change Management Pack
  • Explain Knowledge Management pack
  • Lab: How to Configure Incident Feeders - Duration 30 minutes

User Roles and Functions (5 topics)

  • Understand Security Scopes/UI Filters
  • User Role Profiles
  • Role Based Security
  • Creating User Roles and Scopes
  • Lab: Creating User Roles in Service Manager - Duration 30 minutes

Using System Center Service Manager (4 topics)

  • How do you build the Incident process into Service Manager?
  • How do you build the Problem process into Service Manager?
  • How do you build the Change process into Service Manager?
  • Lab: Creating Incidents, Problems and Changes in Service Manager - Duration 45 minutes

Data Warehouse and Reporting (6 topics)

  • Data Warehouse and Reports
  • Anatomy of ETL
  • Favorite Reports
  • Linked Reports
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Lab: Reporting and Data Warehouse- Duration 30 minutes

Self Service Portal (5 topics)

  • Self Service Portal Overview
  • How to configure Self Service Portal
  • End User Portal
  • Analyst Portal
  • Lab: Installing and using the Self Service Portal - Duration 60 minutes

Maintaining Service Manager (5 topics)

  • How to Maintain Service Manager on a Daily Basis
  • Configuring Notifications for Service Manager
  • Workflow Status
  • Announcements
  • Lab: Maintaining Service Manager -Duration 20 minutes

Extending Service Manager (5 topics)

  • How to Extend the CMDB
  • Introducing the Authoring Console
  • Introducing Forms
  • Introducing the MP XML Structure
  • Lab: Extending Service Manager -Duration 40 minutes

Troubleshooting Service Manager (1 topic)

  • Common Service Manager Error Scenarios and Remediation


Before attending this course, students must have: - Attended course 6451A: Planning, Deploying and Managing System Center Configuration Manager 2007 - Attended course 50028D: Installing Configuring Operations Manager 2007 R2 - Experience with ITIL and MOF processes - Experience with Active Directory configuration - Experience with deployment, configuration, and troubleshooting Windows-based computers - Working knowledge of IIS Server - Working knowledge of TCP/IP networking - Working knowledge of SQL Server - Working knowledge of basic public key infrastructure (PKI) concepts

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