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Flex 3: Introducing Cairngorm surveys the core concepts behind the Cairngorm RIA micro-architecture by re-factoring the application taught and built in the Flex 4: Rich Client Applications training course.

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Course Content (22 topics)

  • Introducing Adobe Cairngorm
  • Understanding the purpose of Adobe Cairngorm
  • Reviewing the benefits of using Cairngorm
  • Learning about the components of Cairngorm
  • Using Cairngorm in Flex RIAs
  • Identifying roles of code
  • Refactoring code to Cairngorm layers and classes
  • Reviewing benefits of Cairngorm refactoring
  • Implementing the ModelLocator
  • Using the ModelLocator
  • Implementing the ServiceLocator
  • Using the ServiceLocator
  • Implementing Cairngorm events
  • Introducing the concept of Business Events
  • Using a Cairngorm event
  • Implementing Commands
  • Using the Command
  • Implementing the FrontContoller
  • Using the FrontController
  • Implementing Delegates
  • Building a Cairngorm Delegate
  • Using the Cairngorm components

Lab (5 topics)

  • Tasks
  • Create a new Cairngorm MVC Project
  • Create a form to request a patient visitation
  • Submit the Visitation Request
  • Create the Business Component to Process the Visitation Details


To gain the most from this class, you should: Have already taken the Flex 3: Rich Client Applications training course, or have equivalent experience using MXML and ActionScript 3 Be familiar with basic Object Oriented Programming in ActionScript 3

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