Flex 4: Extending and Styling Components

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In the 2-day Flex 4: Extending and Styling Components course, students will use their object-oriented skills to create custom classes that programmatically draw skins and extend the functionality of built-in Flex classes. Experienced Flex developers will have an opportunity to explore hands-on, practical code examples for creating drag-and-drop user interfaces that also incorporate user-triggered transitions and smart components that resize based on available space. Other learning objectives include creating popups, embedding fonts, implementing custom application look-and-feel and positioning stage- and mouse-aware elements.

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Introducing Flex: Extending and Styling Components (6 topics)

  • Programming the Visual Experience
  • Understanding Project Roles
  • Introducing Mastery Learning
  • Understanding the Course Format
  • Reviewing the Course Prerequisites
  • Reviewing the Course Outline

Embedding Images and Fonts (7 topics)

  • Embedding Images at Compile-Time
  • Layering Content Using Absolute Layout
  • Creating a Reusable Embedded Image
  • Creating Instances of an Embedded Image Class
  • Understanding Device Font Limitations
  • Embedding Fonts with Absolute File Paths
  • Embedding Fonts using Adobe Flash

Modifying the Look and Feel of Flex Components (7 topics)

  • Exploring Filters
  • Applying Blends
  • Modifying the Look-and-Feel of Flex Components using MXML Styles
  • Modifying Graphical Skins using Flex Skin Design Extensions for CS3
  • Installing the Flex Skin Design Extensions for Flash
  • Selecting which component to modify in Flash
  • Importing the Flex skins artwork

Creating Popups (2 topics)

  • Creating a Popup Window
  • Passing Data to the Popup Window

Extending Flex Components (5 topics)

  • Exploring Display Object Basics
  • Extending Flex Components
  • Implementing the createChildren() Method
  • Implementing the updateDisplayList() Method
  • Improving Custom Component Reusability with Stylesheets

Drawing Shapes and Skinning Programmatically (8 topics)

  • Understanding the Relationship Between Display List Objects and the Graphics Class
  • Calling the clear() Method
  • Drawing Lines
  • Creating a Visual Element as an ActionScript Class
  • Creating Shapes
  • Defining Fill Methods
  • Implementing a ButtonSkin from the mx.skins.halo Package
  • Implementing a Programmatic Skin

Animating Components and View States (3 topics)

  • Creating Behaviors in ActionScript
  • Reviewing View States and Transitions
  • Using the CurrentStateChange Event

Creating Mouse-Aware Applications (2 topics)

  • Detecting the Mouse Position
  • Detecting the Stage Dimensions

Implementing Drag and Drop Functionality (5 topics)

  • Understanding the DragManager
  • Specifying the Data to Display in a List Control
  • Enabling Dragging on Non-List-Based Controls
  • Controlling Dropping with Formats
  • Handling Data in Drag and Drop Operations

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