Flex 4: Developing Rich Client Applications Level 1

3 Day Course
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Flex 4: Developing Rich Internet Client Applications Level 1 provides experienced application developers with hands-on, practical experience using Flex.

This three day course introduces developers to all the primary features of Flex they’ll need to know in order to build a fully functional, well architected front end for a Rich Internet Application (RIA).

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Intro to Flash Builder & Flex SDK (9 topics)

  • Creating our first project
  • Prototyping an application in design view
  • Introducing forms, the form components and validation
  • Data providers, array collections and data binding
  • Breaking content down into components
  • Adding navigation to the application with the viewstack
  • Modularising our design to promote performance and flexibility
  • Changing content at runtime using view states
  • Extending state changes with transitions

CSS in a Flex Context (9 topics)

  • Modularising our CSS and exploring Actionscript 3 & event handling
  • Customising the standard preloader and offloading the CSS load routine
  • Using Adobe Flash content and custom components in our applications
  • Customising the ModuleLoader to add flash animation
  • Introducing the new Flex 4 Spark component set
  • Exploring the skinning model
  • Creating and implementing a custom skin with MXML and FXG
  • Our first look at retrieving data dynamically and displaying it in different forms
  • Sourcing our data dynamically and separating the tasks into individual components


This course is designed for object-oriented developers who want to bring the power of Rich Internet applications to their web applications. To gain the most from this class, you should: Be familiar with an object oriented programming language such as Java or C++ Be familiar with XML terminology

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