Adobe Acrobat: Hot Shot

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Take your Acrobat skills to the next level. This course is intended for people already utilising Adobe Acrobat but wishing to accelerate their knowledge especially with collaboration tools.

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Acrobat Connect
  • Optimise their PDFs for the Web
  • Combine documents in a package
  • Configure and send PDFs for review remotely
  • Create a PDF form and submit
  • Electronically sign a PDF file, digital signatures and troubleshoot acrobat

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Playing Adobe Flash inside Acrobat (4 topics)

  • Embed FLV and SWF files into Acrobat
  • Benefits of Adobe Flash runtime
  • Conversion and viewing options
  • Managing Flash content inside of Acrobat

Digital Signatures (6 topics)

  • Creating a password driven digital signature
  • Creating a signature appearance
  • Siging and document - visibly and invisible
  • Exchanging digital signatures
  • Creating trusted identities
  • Applying security policies with trusted identities

Stamp customisation (3 topics)

  • Making a signature stamp
  • Configure user preferences for stamps
  • Printing and flattening stamps

Send for Shared Review (6 topics)

  • On-line workflow
  • Sending a shared review invite
  • Connecting to shared server
  • Adding and manipulating comments
  • Collaborate Live on the same page
  • Shared Tracker Review

Collaborate Live (5 topics)

  • Send for shared review
  • use hosting
  • Collaborate together within page
  • Shared panel options
  • Combined input

Previewing content (5 topics)

  • Headers/footers and watermarks
  • Add heders and footers
  • Edit headers and footers
  • Transparency effects
  • Remove content

PDF/X Standards for Publishing and Print (2 topics)

  • PDF/X-1a, PDF/X-3 and PDF/X-4 standards
  • Adobe PDF Print Engine

Configure Adobe Acrobat (4 topics)

  • Page box geometry
  • Overprint preview
  • Page display options
  • Smooth line art

Apply trapping (2 topics)

  • Integrate trapping
  • Trapping presets

Output Preview (5 topics)

  • Simulation Preview
  • Object Inspector
  • Density readings
  • Rich ink control
  • Overprinting objects

Preflight and fixups (7 topics)

  • Preflight templates
  • Fix-ups options
  • Build your own fixup
  • Building profiles
  • Conversion to PDF/X
  • Conversion to PDF/A
  • Preflight and fix-ups droplets

Convert colours (3 topics)

  • Conversion from one colour space
  • Tag objects with ICC pfofiles
  • Embed output intent

Crop pages (3 topics)

  • Enlarge PDF page sizes
  • Configure page boxes
  • Trim, bleed, crop, media and crop box

Fixing Hairlines (2 topics)

  • Increase vector strokes
  • Convey minimum stroke weights for Type3

Flatten Transparency (3 topics)

  • Flatten live transparency
  • Preview and conversion settings
  • Transparency overview

Accessibility from Microsoft Word (4 topics)

  • Setting document structure
  • Using styles and choosing fonts
  • Document Properties
  • Tables and lists

PDF Maker options for reflow (4 topics)

  • Setting options
  • Importance of reflow
  • Metadata
  • PDF presets and options

Accessibility checker (4 topics)

  • Checking the PDF for accessibility
  • Understanding most common problems
  • Fixing most common problems
  • Font mapping and device issues

Adding and modifying tags / structure (4 topics)

  • Changing the reading order of a tagged document
  • Adding document structure to an untagged document
  • Adding alt tags to objects
  • Remapping to artifacts and other elements

Read-aloud and scrolling inside Acrobat/Reader (3 topics)

  • Configure display options
  • Configure read-aloud options
  • Configure scrolling options


We will assume some prior knowledge of Acrobat in this course or will have completed the Acrobat Rookie Training Course. You should have a basic working knowledge of either the Windows or Mac interface as well as exposure to either Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.

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