Red Hat Enterprise SELinux Policy Administration

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RHS429 introduces advanced system administrators, security administrators, and applications programmers to SELinux policy writing. Participants in this course will learn how SELinux works; how to manage SELinux; and how to write an SELinux policy. This class culiminates in a major project to scope out and then write policies for previously unprotected services.

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Introduction to SELinux (8 topics)

  • Discretionary Access Control vs. Mandatory Access Control
  • SELinux History and Architecture Overview
  • Elements of the SELinux security model (user identity and role, domain and type, sensitivity and categories, security context)
  • SELinux Policy and Red Hat´s Targeted Policy
  • Configuring Policy with Booleans
  • Archiving
  • Setting and Displaying Extended Attributes
  • Hands-on Lab: Understanding SELinux

Using SELinux (5 topics)

  • Controlling SELinux
  • File Contexts
  • Relabeling Files and Filesystems
  • Mount options
  • Hand-on Lab: Working with SELinux

The Red Hat Targeted Policy (9 topics)

  • Identifying and Toggling Protected Services
  • Apache Security Contexts and Configuration Booleans
  • Name Service Contexts and Configuration Booleans
  • NIS Client Contexts
  • Other Services
  • File Context for Special Directory Trees
  • Troubleshooting and avc Denial Messages
  • setroubleshootd and Logging
  • Hands-on Lab: Understanding and Troubleshooting the Red Hat Targeted Policy

Introduction to Policies (6 topics)

  • Policy Overview and Organization
  • Compiling and Loading the Monolithic Policy and Policy Modules
  • Policy Type Enforcement Module Syntax
  • Object Classes
  • Domain Transition
  • Hands-on Lab: Understanding policies

Policy Utilities (2 topics)

  • Tools available for manipulating and analyzing policies
  • Hands-on Lab: Exploring Utilities

User and Role Security (10 topics)

  • Role-based Access Control
  • Multi Category Security
  • Defining a Security Administrator
  • Multi-Level Security
  • The strict Policy
  • User Identification and Declaration
  • Role Identification and Declaration
  • Roles in Use in Transitions
  • Role Dominance
  • Hands-on Lab: Implementing User and Role Based Policy Restrictions

Anatomy of a Policy (7 topics)

  • Policy Macros
  • Type Attributes and Aliases
  • Type Transitions
  • When and How do Files Get Labeled
  • restorecond
  • Customizable Types
  • Hands-on Lab: Building Policies

Manipulating Policies (12 topics)

  • Installing and Compiling Policies
  • The Policy Language
  • Access Vector
  • SELinux logs
  • Security Identifiers - SIDs
  • Filesystem Labeling Behavior
  • Context on Network Objects
  • Creating and Using New Booleans
  • Manipulating Policy by Example
  • Macros
  • Enableaudit
  • Hands-on Lab: Compiling Policies

Project (5 topics)

  • Best practices
  • Create File Contexts, Types and Typealiases
  • Edit and Create Network Contexts
  • Edit and Create Domains
  • Hands-on Lab: Editing and Writing Policy


RHS429 requires RHCE-level skills. Prerequisite skills can be shown by passing the RHCE Exam in either RH302 or RH300, or by taking RH253 or by possessing comparable skills and knowledge.

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