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The challenges faced in the modern datacenter are driving IT leaders to find new ways to reduce total cost of ownership and improve return on investment. The special advantages of open source allow Red Hat to provide real solutions to these problems across the enterprise. You will learn how open source can help solve real IT problems and how to implement solutions based around Red Hat’s open source architecture.

At the conclusion of this course, you will gain an overview of how open source development works, including the legal landscape around open source software and intellectual property concerns in the enterprise.

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Open Standards (11 topics)

  • Overview
  • Making a case for open source
  • Why we need open standards
  • Defining an open standard
  • Characteristics of open standards
  • Advantages of open standards
  • The goal - interoperability
  • Organisational interoperability
  • Semantic interoperability
  • Technical interoperability
  • Summary

Open Source (16 topics)

  • Overview
  • The power of collaboration
  • What is open source software
  • Why use open source software
  • Transparency and open source
  • The open source development model
  • Open source climbing the stack
  • Where does Red Hat fits in?
  • Red Hat´s place in the community
  • Red Hat´s development model
  • The OSS triple play
  • Customer focused innovation
  • The Red Hat subscription model
  • Subscription model
  • Open source - helping bridge the gap
  • Summary

Open Source Licensing (18 topics)

  • Intellectual property
  • Free software definition
  • Open source
  • How open source licensing work
  • Open source can be commercial
  • Open source licenses - background
  • Richard Stallman and the FSF
  • Gnu general public license
  • Gnu GPL - what it provides Gnu lesser general public license
  • BSD and revised BSD licenses
  • Other open source licenses
  • End user protection - Red Hat
  • End user protection - upstream
  • Open content licenses
  • Creative commons licenses
  • Examples of Creative commons usage
  • Font licensing
  • Summary

Communities – Open Thinking in Business (13 topics)

  • Overview
  • It´s not just about the source code
  • What forms a community
  • Benefits
  • Content communities
  • Social networks
  • Development communities
  • How to build a community
  • Business examples
  • The starfish and the spider
  • People vs organisations
  • Suggested reading
  • Summary


* Basic financial and technical background. * An understanding of the challenges currently faced by IT management in the modern datacenter.

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