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Performance tuning and capacity planning for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Performance Tuning: Linux in Physical, Virtual, and Cloud (RH422) teaches senior Linux® system administrators the methodology of performance tuning. This course discusses system architecture with an emphasis on understanding its implications on system performance, performance adjustments, open source benchmarking utilities, networking performance, and tuning configurations for specific server use cases and workloads.

This course is based on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux 8.


  • Analyze and tune for resource-specific scenarios
  • Applying tuning profiles with the tuned tool
  • Tune in virtual environments (hosts and guests)
  • Trace and profile system events and activities
  • Tune resource limits and utilization using systemd-integrated cgroups
  • Gather performance metrics and benchmarking data

As a result of attending this course, you should be able to obtain, analyze, and interpret system performance metrics, then use these metrics to help increase cost effectiveness, maximize application performance, and make better decisions about investment in hardware or cloud resources.

Target Audience

Senior Linux system administrators responsible for maximizing resource utilization through performance tuning.

Additional Information

To attend any Red Hat course or exam, you will need to provide us with your unique Red Hat Network ID. If you do not have a Red Hat Network ID you can create one online here.

If you attend a virtual event, Courseware will be in PDF format and available for download on the first day of the course. Joining Instructions will be sent on the Friday before start date directly from Red Hat which will include the live virtual classroom link.

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Introduce performance tuning (1 topic)

  • Describe performance tuning concepts and goals.

Select performance monitoring tools (1 topic)

  • Evaluate the large selection of performance monitoring tools that are included with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

View hardware resources (1 topic)

  • View and interpret hardware resource listings.

Configure kernel tunables and tuned profiles (1 topic)

  • Configure the operating system to tune for different workload requirements.

Tune CPU utilization (1 topic)

  • Manage CPU resource sharing and scheduling to control utilization.

Tune memory utilization (1 topic)

  • Manage settings for efficient memory utilization for different types of workloads.

Tune storage device I/O (1 topic)

  • Manage settings for efficient disk utilization in various use cases.

Tune network utilization (1 topic)

  • Manage application efficiency for network utilization.

Manage resource limits with control groups (1 topic)

  • Manage resource contention and set limits for resource use on services, applications, and users using cgroup configuration.

Analyze performance using system tracing tools (1 topic)

  • Diagnose system and application behaviors using a variety of resource-specific tracing tools.

Tune in virtualization environments (1 topic)

  • Distinguish the requirements for tuning in virtualized environments.

Tune file system utilization (1 topic)

  • Manage application efficiency for file system utilization.

Perform comprehensive review (1 topic)

  • Demonstrate skills learned in this course by observing system performance using the appropriate tools, evaluating system metrics, and configuring settings to improve performance.


Participants in RH442 should already be familiar with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Recommended minimum competency level is completion of the RHCE or equivalent knowledge.

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