Red Hat Enterprise Directory Services and Authentication

4 Day Course
Hands On
Official Linux Curriculum
Code RH423

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Red Hat Linux Training Courses.


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Introduction to Directory Services (4 topics)

  • What is a directory?
  • LDAP: models, schema, and attributes
  • Object classes
  • LDIF

The LDAP Naming Model (3 topics)

  • Directory information trees and Distingued Names
  • X.500 and "Internet" naming suffixes
  • Planning the directory hierarchy

Red Hat Directory Server: Basic Configuration (5 topics)

  • Installation and setup of Red Hat Directory Server
  • Using the Red Hat Console
  • Using logging to monitor Red Hat Directory Server activity
  • Backing up and restoring the directory
  • Basic performance tuning with indexes

Searching and Modifying the LDAP Directory (3 topics)

  • Using command line utilities to search the directory
  • Search filter syntax
  • Updating the directory

Red Hat Directory Server: Authentication and Security (3 topics)

  • Configuring TLS security
  • Using access control instructions (ACI's)
  • ACI's and the Red Hat Console

Linux User Authentication with NSS and PAM (3 topics)

  • Understanding authentication and authorization
  • Name service switch (NSS)
  • Advanced pluggable authentication modules (PAM) configuration

Centralized User Authentication with LDAP (3 topics)

  • Central account management with LDAP
  • Using migration scripts to migrate existing data into an LDAP server
  • LDAP user authentication

Kerberos and LDAP (7 topics)

  • Introduction to Kerberos
  • Configuring the Kerberos key distribution center (KDC) and clients
  • Configuring LDAP to support Kerberos Directory Referrals and Replication
  • Referrals and replication
  • Single master configuration
  • Multiple master configuration
  • Planning for directory server availability

Cross-Platform Centralized Identity Management (3 topics)

  • Synchronizing Red Hat Directory Server with Active Directory
  • Managing users with Winbind and LDAP
  • Mapping attributes between Linux and Windows

Red Hat Enterprise IPA (4 topics)

  • Understanding IPA
  • IPA requirements
  • Configuring IPA server
  • Configuring IPA clients


RH423 requires RHCE-level skills. A current RHCE certification is recommended but not required for this course. Prerequisite skills can be shown by passing the RHCE Exam in either RH302 or RH300, or by taking RH253 Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration or by possessing comparable skills and knowledge.

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course.

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