Red Hat Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management

4 Day Course
Hands On
Official Linux Curriculum
Code RH4011

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Red Hat Linux Training Courses.


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Essential System Management (3 topics)

  • Goals of Enterprise system management
  • Standardization, centralization, and scalability
  • Provisioning and automation

Installing a Red Hat Network Satellite Server (4 topics)

  • Introduction to RHN Satellite - features, prerequisites
  • Installing Satellite Server software
  • Understanding software channels and entitlements
  • Importing channel content into a Satellite Server

Red Hat Network Organization (4 topics)

  • Organization management and trust relationships
  • Managing user accounts
  • Assigning user roles (security)
  • Managing system groups

Managing Changes with Revision Control (3 topics)

  • Introducing revision control concepts
  • Basic Subversion repository administration
  • Using Subversion to manage revisions

Red Hat Network Client Configuration (5 topics)

  • Secure communication with SSL
  • Red Hat Network registration
  • Creating and using activation keys
  • Registration automation with
  • Troubleshooting RHN registration

Red Hat Network Software Management (4 topics)

  • Software channel relationships
  • Cloning existing software channels
  • Managing custom software channels
  • Notifying clients of changes: managing errata

Building RPMs (5 topics)

  • Building open source software
  • Using RPM macros
  • Writing custom spec files
  • Using rpmbuild to create RPMs
  • Signing packages for security

RHN Application Programmer Interface (3 topics)

  • Uses for Red Hat Network API
  • Basic RHN API program structure
  • Sample programs

Configuration File Management with Red Hat Network (3 topics)

  • Managing configuration channels
  • Configuration file macros
  • Configuration file management using command-line tools

Provisioning with Kickstart (3 topics)

  • Anaconda kickstart options
  • Building a provisioning environment
  • Using Cobbler for provisioning

Virtual Machine Management (3 topics)

  • Virtual host/virtual platform entitlements
  • Controlling Xen guests using RHN
  • Red Hat Network management of Xen virtual machines

RHN Satellite Server Administration (7 topics)

  • High-availability options
  • Embedded database management
  • Certificate management
  • Changing from disconnected to connected operation
  • Inter-satellite synchronization (ISS)
  • Exporting software channels
  • Troubleshooting

Red Hat Network Proxy Server (3 topics)

  • RHN proxy server installation
  • Configuring a client to use a RHN proxy server
  • Managing software with RHN package manager


Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) certification or equivalent experience.

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