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Red Hat Virtualization (RH318) teaches experienced system administrators how to use the virtualization features of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® managed through the Red Hat Virtualization suite.

Students acquire the skills and knowledge to effectively create, deploy, manage, and migrate Linux virtual machines hosted on either dedicated Red Hat Virtualization Hypervisor nodes or Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers using Red Hat Virtualization Manager.


Course content summary

  • Deploy Red Hat Virtualization.
  • Configure Red Hat Virtualization environment (datacenters, clusters, and storage domains).
  • Install, manage, and troubleshoot virtual machines (servers and desktops).
  • Create virtual machine snapshots.
  • Use templates for rapid virtual machine deployment.
  • Secure Red Hat Virtualization environment with multilevel administrative roles.
  • Monitor and create custom reports.
  • Migrate virtual machines and explore high-availability options.

Target Audience

Experienced Linux system administrators responsible for managing enterprise servers who are interested in learning how to manage large numbers of servers or virtual machines using Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization.

Additional Information

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Please Note: This course does not include the exam. Delegates who wish to obtain the Red Hat Certified Vitualization Administrator credential may like to consider booking the RH318 course and exam bundle.

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Overview of Red Hat Virtualization (1 topic)

  • Define and discuss general virtualization, Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), and the concept of virtualization in Red Hat Virtualization.

Install, configure, and test manager (1 topic)

  • Install, configure, secure, and troubleshoot Red Hat Virtualization Manager.

Install and configure hypervisor hosts (1 topic)

  • Install, configure, upgrade, and troubleshoot Red Hat Virtualization Hypervisor.

Create datacenters and clusters (1 topic)

  • Create datacenters and clusters using Red Hat Virtualization Manager.

Create and maintaining storage (1 topic)

  • Create and administer data, iso, and export storage domains using Red Hat Virtualization.

Create logical networks (1 topic)

  • Create logical networks using Red Hat Virtualization Manager.

Deploy virtual machines (1 topic)

  • Install, deploy, and manage virtual machines (VMs) with appropriate drivers and agents using Red Hat Virtualization.

Manage VM snapshots and images (1 topic)

  • Manage VMs with snapshots and share images using Red Hat Virtualization.

Automate VM deployment (1 topic)

  • Utilize templates, pools, and cloud-init to automate deployment of VMs using Red Hat Virtualization.

Monitor and report Red Hat Virtualization (1 topic)

  • Locate information using the Red Hat Virtualization administration portal to generate reports of the environment.

Overview of advanced Red Hat Virtualization topics (1 topic)

  • Describe backing up and restoring Red Hat Virtualization, making Red Hat Virtualization highly available, and using the application programming interface (API).

Install and configure Red Hat Enterprise Linux host (1 topic)

  • Install and configure a Red Hat Enterprise Linux host.

Migrate VMs and configure high availability (1 topic)

  • Migrate VMs manually and automatically, and configure high availability with live migration using Red Hat Virtualization.Comprehensive reviewReview the course objectives.


IT professionals who have earned an Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) certification or maintain the equivalent experience with Linux.

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