Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Solaris Administrators

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Linux Curriculum
Code RH290

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Red Hat Linux Training Courses.


Course Contents (16 topics)

  • Find documentation and help
  • Navigate directory structures and consoles
  • Configure the system using the command line
  • Control the boot process, kernel modules, and initialization
  • Manage software lifecycle with yum, Red Hat Network, and rpm
  • Manage Solaris machines from Red Hat Network
  • Create and modify the partition tables, character devices, and block devices
  • Create and manage software RAID, logical volumes, filesystems, swap, and automounter.
  • Set up space and file quotas for users and groups
  • Connect to and authenticate from network directory services like NIS and LDAP
  • Secure access to systems and services using the NetFilter kernel-level firewall
  • Enforce security with SELinux
  • Collect system information, monitor system activity, and generate reports
  • Set up system auditing, centralized logging, and kernel monitoring and profiling
  • Perform automated installations of Red Hat Enterprise Linux using Kickstart
  • Saving kernel crash dumps to disk and over the network


* Experience in Solaris at the power user, network operations, or system administrator level. * Two years of Solaris experience installing server operating system and software, troubleshooting servers, and configuring and securing servers and services.

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