Supporting Windows 7 Desktops in the Enterprise

5 Day Course
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This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows 7 Training Courses.


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Windows 7 Installation Troubleshooting (7 topics)

  • This module will cover an overview of the different installation methods, tools and components in a Windows 7 deployment strategies and how to troubleshoot the installation that is using these tools.
  • Installation
  • Imaging
  • WIM file format
  • DISM
  • Activation
  • Device Drivers

Troubleshooting Application Installation and Compatibility (6 topics)

  • This module will investigate why applications can fail to install or work on a Windows 7 computer. Then what tools are provided to enable the application to work on Windows 7.
  • User Account Control
  • Program Compatibility Trouble-shooter
  • Application Compatibility Toolkit
  • Windows XP Mode
  • Problem Steps Recorder

Troubleshooting Hardware Failures (6 topics)

  • During this module you will investigate a range of tools that enable you to diagnose hardware related failures.
  • Windows Memory Diagnostic tool
  • Network Diagnostics tool
  • Reliability Monitor
  • Chkdsk
  • Safe Mode

Identify the cause and resolve network related issues (1 topic)

  • This module will review IPV4 IP addressing basics (A,B,C) and introduce more complex subjects around Variable Length Subnet Masks (VLSM). And discuss IPV4 configuration methodologies. Provide an introduction into IPv6, and then investigate the use of network diagnostics tools IPconfig, Tracert/Pathping. Having proved basic network connectivity go on to troubleshoot name resolution issues before looking at resolving connectivity issues when access resources including Logon Issues and accessing Network Printers.

Support Mobile Users (5 topics)

  • This module provides students with the information to be able to support and troubleshoot the specific needs of roaming laptop users.
  • Wirelesst technologies
  • Virtual Private Network
  • Direct Access
  • Mobile Centre technologies

Manage and Maintain System that run Windows 7 (3 topics)

  • Investigate system performance and reliability using Performance and Reliability Monitor tools Manage systems with Windows Update, Backup and Restore along with System protection features
  • Utilise tools Event Viewer
  • Services and Disk management for system maintenance tasks

Identify the Cause of and Resolve Security Problems in Windows 7 (7 topics)

  • Investigate the new security features in Windows 7 and find out what challenges they can present and how to manage those issues when supporting users.
  • Windows Firewall
  • Applocker
  • Internet Explorer 8 configuration
  • Encrypted File System
  • Windows Defender
  • UAC (in more detail) and Certificates


* TCP/IP Troubleshooting skill * Experience working in a domain environment * Experience using desktop and command-line troubleshooting tools * Experience installing and troubleshooting desktop application problems * Experience configuring registry and group policy settings

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