Adobe After Effects CS5: Advanced

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Official Adobe Curriculum
Code MT227

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Bridge the gap between being able to use After Effects and being able to create visually groundbreaking special effects using professional post production techniques.

This Adobe authorised course will provide the skills to get the most from After Effects CS5 enabling you to produce professional motion graphics and visual effects for film, video, the web and mobile devices. We also recommend this course for those planning to gain Adobe Certified Expert status.

The course covers working in 3D space, advanced layer techniques, using expressions and masks, creating professional special fx, working with sound and gaining industry hints and tips from After Effects professionals.

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Overview of features (3 topics)

  • After Effects CS5 performance enhancements
  • Native support for new codecs
  • Native support for RED camera footage

Advanced layer techniques (8 topics)

  • Using the Interpret Footage dialog effectively
  • Parent and child relationships
  • Using Null layers
  • Understanding the Anchor Point
  • Using different blending modes
  • Advanced text animation
  • Using the Puppet tool
  • 3D layers from Photoshop

Working with compositions (7 topics)

  • The Composition Navigator
  • The Composition Mini-Flowchart
  • Nesting comps
  • Pre-rendering comps
  • Pre-composing layers
  • Importing Photoshop and Illustrator comps
  • Rendering order issues

Using masks (7 topics)

  • Animating masks
  • Using stencils and silhouettes
  • Using RotoBezier masks
  • Auto-tracing alpha channels
  • Importing masks from Photoshop
  • Creating Track Mattes
  • Using Keylight for Bluescreen and Greenscreen mattes

Generating professional special effects (10 topics)

  • Working with the Unified Camera tool
  • Motion tracking
  • Motion stabilisation
  • Getting the most from the Roto Brush tool
  • Refining a matte
  • Using the Difference Matte effectively
  • Using a Garbage Matte
  • Colour management tools
  • Colour correction and blending effects
  • The Colour Correction Vibrance effect

Working in 3D space (8 topics)

  • Creating a layer in 3D space
  • 3D text animations
  • Creating complex shapes
  • Understanding the limitations of 2D planes in 3D space
  • Using lights and cameras
  • Using Nulls to control layers
  • The Digieffects Freeform effect
  • Creating animated distortion warping and displacement effects

Using Mocha to create tracking and corner pin data in After Effects (2 topics)

  • Using Mocha shape
  • Creating a Mocha mask

Using expressions (4 topics)

  • Why expressions are useful
  • Creating expressions to slave other layers
  • Expressions vs Parent and Child
  • Transferring properties in equations

Rendering comps (5 topics)

  • The different Codecs in Quicktime
  • Rendering effectively and quickly
  • Understanding field order
  • Rendering using Alpha channels
  • Rendering to create a comp proxy

Using sound in After Effects (2 topics)

  • Adding and previewing sound
  • Using sound markers to synchronise action

Exporting from After Effects (4 topics)

  • Creating PDF video files
  • Exporting After Effects projects to Flash using XFL
  • Easy output to multiple formats
  • Adding rendered footage to a project

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