Adobe Dreamweaver CS5: Introduction

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Adobe Dreamweaver is the most popular web page building and website management software available. Dreamweaver CS5 allows you to perform all the major site building tasks, from creating HTML web pages, CSS, and JavaScript, to managing files and links, uploading your completed site to the web and site management tools.

This extremely popular course is the Adobe authorised introductory course for new users of Dreamweaver CS5 who wish to build professional websites. This course has been specifically designed to enable you to master the essentials of Dreamweaver quickly and easily. You will cover creating, editing, publishing and updating a website as well as adding elements to existing sites and important site management issues.

This three day course will provide you with the expertise to produce and maintain innovative, professional websites using Dreamweaver.

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Introducing Dreamweaver (1 topic)

  • Static page architecture

Dreamweaver essentials (9 topics)

  • Introduction to Dreamweaver
  • Dreamweaver interface basics
  • The Application toolbar
  • Creating a local site
  • Creating a new HTML page
  • Using CSS starter pages
  • Using development views
  • Previewing pages
  • Using the Property Inspector

Adding content to a site (6 topics)

  • Importing text files
  • Importing Word and Excel content
  • Controlling document structure
  • Creating lists
  • Horizontal rules
  • Adding special characters

Formatting text with CSS (6 topics)

  • Formatting text
  • Understanding the power of CSS
  • Creating styles
  • Exporting CSS rule definitions
  • Creating class styles
  • Understanding the Code Navigator

External styles (4 topics)

  • Attaching external style sheets
  • Displaying styles
  • Cascading order and inheritance of styles
  • Creating internal styles

Working with graphics (6 topics)

  • Seamless integration with Photoshop and Fireworks
  • Placing graphics on the page
  • Accessibility settings
  • Importing layered images
  • Optimising an image
  • Adding Flash content

Content Management System support (1 topic)

  • Overview of Dreamweaver's support for Drupal, WordPress and Joomla

Navigating your site (9 topics)

  • Linking files to your site
  • Adding anchors
  • Adding email links
  • Linking from images
  • Linking from an image map
  • Creating a navigation bar
  • Inserting a jump menu
  • Working in Live View
  • Linking styles with CSS

Using libraries and templates (7 topics)

  • Creating library items
  • Placing and editing library items
  • Detaching library items
  • Creating templates
  • Applying a template to an existing image
  • Defining editable regions
  • Modifying templates

Designing pages with CSS (12 topics)

  • Dreamweaver CSS templates
  • Inserting DIV tags
  • Using the rulers and guides
  • Adding CSS to a layer
  • Using CSS Inspect Mode
  • Troubleshooting using CSS inspection tools
  • Selecting specific elements on a page
  • Using visual aids for DIV tags
  • Adding tables
  • The Spry Framework for Ajax - an overview
  • Importing tabular data
  • The Adobe CSS Advisor website

Creating forms (5 topics)

  • Creating a form
  • Form processing
  • Setting focus on a form
  • Adding JavaScript
  • Form validation in Dreamweaver

Testing, maintenance and uploading (7 topics)

  • Checking accessibility, links and browser compatibility
  • Connecting to a remote site
  • Cloaking folders and files
  • Uploading files
  • Synchronising files
  • Using browser compatibility check
  • Testing your site using Adobe BrowserLab

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