Advanced JBoss Enterprise Development

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Advanced JBoss Enterprise Development (JB325) dives into the new version 5 of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) with an emphasis on advanced platform services and application programming interfaces (APIs). This course challenges experienced Java EE developers by providing a deep dive into JBoss EAP, features, internals, and Java EE best practices. Leveraging JBoss EAP 5 allows students to build, deploy, and maintain highly performing, scalable applications.

Diving into areas of JBoss technologies that differ from the non-JBoss enterprise middleware stacks, developers will be exposed to aspect-oriented programming (AOP), interceptors, JMX, and JBoss Services. In addition, students will be introduced to the new JBoss Messaging (for EAP 5.0).

Using JBoss Developer Studio extensively as a lab integrated development environment (IDE), hands-on labs allow developers to experience and explore JBoss Cache, JGroups, clustering, dynamic proxies, transactions, messaging, and performance tuning.

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Introduction to JBoss (3 topics)

  • The JBoss technology stack
  • Installing and starting JBoss
  • Lab: Install JBoss

JBoss architecture (2 topics)

  • Technologies: JBoss EAP 4.3
  • Lab: Classloading in JBoss

JMX (3 topics)

  • Technologies: JMX
  • Lab: Create and deploy a custom MBean
  • Bonus lab: Manage the MBean from a client

Using aspects in JBoss (2 topics)

  • Technologies: JBoss, AOB
  • Lab: Create and deploy a custom interceptor

Connecting to JBoss (2 topics)

  • Technologies: Java Connector architecture
  • Lab: Set up data sources and tune them

Transactions in JBoss (1 topic)

  • Technologies: JEE Transactions, JBoss Transactions

JBoss Cache (2 topics)

  • Technologies: JBoss TreeCache, PojoCache
  • Lab: Create and deploy a cached application

Clustering applications in JBoss (3 topics)

  • Technologies: JBoss Clustering, PojoCache
  • Lab: Deploy and cluster a stateless EJB
  • Bonus lab: Deploy and cluster a stateful EJB

JGroups (2 topics)

  • Technologies: JBoss Clustering, JGroups
  • Lab: Configure JGroups to deploy and cluster a web application

Fine-tuning applications in JBoss (2 topics)

  • Technologies: JBoss, JConsole
  • Lab: Use JConsole to monitor garbage collection in JBoss

Container-managed security (3 topics)

  • Technologies: JAAS, JBossSX
  • Lab: Secure a web application in JBoss
  • Bonus Lab: Secure and deploy a stateless EJB in JBoss

JBoss Messaging (3 topics)

  • Technologies: JMS, JBoss Messaging
  • Lab: Deploy four JMS queues and monitor performance under load
  • Bonus lab: Test JBoss Cache state replication in JMS queues


* Two years of experience with Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) or Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) * Proficient in HTML * Experience with an integrated development environment (IDE), such as Eclipse or NetBeans, and build tools, such as Ant or Maven * Basic knowledge of open source relational database management system (RDBMS)

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