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JBoss Hibernate offers high-performing object/relational persistence and query services. The JBoss Hibernate Technology (JB297) three-day course gives Java developers the knowledge and skills required to leverage the powerful Java Hibernate Application Stack. Through clear interactive lectures and hands-on labs, students are introduced to Hibernate essentials and internals along with its practical applications and best practices strategies. Hibernate helps students produce and maintain well-designed, robust business applications while optimizing performance and reducing software maintenance costs. This course will also demonstrate to the students how Web Platform can use a slimmed down profile of the JBoss Application Server to provide an integrated platform for next-generation, standards-based Java applications.

JBoss Hibernate adapts to your development process, no matter if you start with a design from scratch or work with an existing database. It supports any application architecture. Combined with Hibernate EntityManager and Hibernate Annotations, you can use Hibernate as a certified Java Persistence provider.

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Course Topics (13 topics)

  • State of the union
  • Introductions
  • Explanation of .org vs. .com
  • Brief overview of products
  • Understanding the object-relational mismatch
  • Introduction to Hibernate ORM
  • Hibernate tooling and development
  • Persistent classes in Hibernate
  • O/R mapping details and inheritance
  • Hibernate Transactions
  • Understanding Hibernate Query technology
  • Best practices and improving performance
  • Additional Hibernate modules


* Experience with Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) or Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) * A high-level understanding of enterprise software systems development * An understanding of legacy systems integration

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