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The Oracle R12 Accounts Receivable course is designed to give delegates practical experience of working with the Oracle Accounts Receivable module. It is end-user focused and includes all the day to day tasks such as setting up customer accounts, raising invoices and credit notes and applying cash together with making inquiries and running standard reports.

The delegates will practise:

  • Managing the customer database
  • Running customer account inquiries
  • Running transaction inquiries
  • Running credit control inquiries
  • Raising sales invoices or invoice batches
  • Copying a sales invoice
  • Voiding a sales invoice
  • Raising credit notes
  • Processing and reversing receipts
  • Dealing with provisions and write offs
  • Reconciling AR
  • Posting AR journals in GL
  • Controlling AR accounting periods

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Introduction (5 topics)

  • Overview of Oracle Receivables
  • New Features in Release 12 Receivables
  • Integration with Other Modules
  • Receivables Interfaces
  • Overview of Receivables in the Order to Cash Process

Overview of the Customer Database (3 topics)

  • Overview of the Customer Database
  • Customer Profile Classes
  • Customer Accounts

Managing Customers (6 topics)

  • Create and Apply a Customer Profile Class
  • Find a Customer
  • Find a Range of Customers
  • Create a New Customer
  • Amend Customer Details
  • Merge Customers

Transactions (11 topics)

  • Overview of the Transaction Process
  • Invoices
  • Tax Considerations - VAT
  • Automatic Account Generation
  • Print Transactions
  • Debit and Credit Memos
  • Receipts
  • Adjustments
  • Commitments
  • Refunds to Customers
  • Transfer to Doubtful Debt

Invoicing (10 topics)

  • Raise an Invoice
  • Raise an Invoice Batch
  • Enter Invoices with Instalments
  • Enter and Apply a Deposit
  • Create a Copy Invoice
  • Void an Invoice
  • Raise a Credit Note
  • Raise a Credit Note on Account
  • Apply a Credit Note on Account
  • Project Billing and Project Invoices

Receipts Processing (14 topics)

  • The Receipt Process
  • Receipt Creation Methods
  • The Receipts Window
  • Receipt Status
  • Enter a Manual Receipt
  • Enter/Apply a Foreign Currency Receipt
  • Review a Receipt
  • Reverse a Receipt
  • Reverse a Reconciled Receipt
  • Remit a Receipt
  • Manual Receipts Compared To QuickCash Receipts
  • Receipt Batches
  • Search and Apply
  • Process a QuickCash Batch

Customer Follow-Up (8 topics)

  • Review a Customer Account
  • Review Balances by Aging Bucket
  • View Transactions
  • Disputed Items
  • Credit Holds
  • Dunning Letters
  • Statements
  • Create a Task

Posting (4 topics)

  • Create Accounting
  • Submit Accounting
  • Revenue Recognition
  • The Posting Execution Report

Reconciliation (5 topics)

  • Customer Account and Balance Due
  • Receivables Accounting Periods
  • Reconcile Receivables
  • Reconciliation Reports
  • Reconciliation Processes

Implement Customer Invoicing (5 topics)

  • Transaction Types and Sources
  • Payment Terms
  • System Options
  • Collectors
  • Taxable Freight Charges

Implement Receipts (8 topics)

  • Receivables Activities
  • Create a Receivables Activity
  • Create a Distribution Set
  • Tax Code Source
  • Define Bank Accounts
  • Define a Receipt Class
  • Receipt Sources
  • Define Document Sequences

Receivables Profile Options (2 topics)

  • Tax Profile Options
  • Accounts Receivable Profile Options

Autoinvoice Interface (1 topic)

  • Use the Autoinvoice Interface to Generate Invoices

Accounts Receivable Exercises (18 topics)

  • Create a Customer Profile Class
  • Enter New Customers
  • Enter Batches of Invoices
  • Copy Invoices
  • Void a Transaction
  • Enter Credit Notes for Specific Invoices
  • Create an On-Account Credit Memo
  • Enter Receipts for Single Invoices
  • Enter Receipts for Multiple Invoices
  • Enter a Miscellaneous Receipt
  • Enter an Unidentified Receipt
  • Reverse a Receipt
  • Reapply a Receipt
  • Adjustments and Write-Offs for an Invoice
  • Approve Adjustments and Write-Offs
  • Create an Automatic Receipts Batch
  • Create a Remittance Batch
  • Run a Standard Report

Debt Management Exercises (8 topics)

  • Amend Customer Details
  • Merge Customer Details
  • View Customer Account Information
  • Customer Search Inquiry
  • Place an Invoice Item in Dispute
  • Remove an Invoice Item in Dispute
  • Place a Customer Account on Credit Hold
  • Generate Statements


Delegates should have knowledge of the accounts receivable function within their own organisation. Knowledge of Oracle Navigation and the Oracle General Ledger would advantageous.

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