APMG Change Management PCM Foundation

3 Day Course
Official Curriculum

The Managing Change course is an alternative that is currently running on a public schedule.


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Change and the organisation (1 topic)

  • Why their organisations need to change and the implications for this on the design of the change programme

Change, the organisation and the individual (9 topics)

  • A change management perspective
  • The impact of change on the individual and what implications this has when planning change
  • How different organisational cultures can affect the change experience
  • What frameworks are available support the creation of a 'people focused' change management plan
  • Key roles in supporting successful change
  • Education and learning support
  • The process of learning
  • Identifying and meeting learning needs
  • The implications of 'learning styles' when designing learning interventions

Communications and stakeholder engagement (8 topics)

  • Stakeholder strategy
  • Identify and analyse stakeholders
  • Develop effective influencing strategies
  • Communication and engagement
  • The theory of effective communications
  • The use of different communication channels
  • How to develop a communications plan
  • How to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the communications

Change management in practice (8 topics)

  • Change impact
  • Tools that help assess the wider impacts of the change and so ensure a comprehensive change management plan is developed
  • Change readiness, planning and measurement
  • Build motivation to change
  • Build organisational readiness for change
  • Prepare for resistance
  • Personal and professional management
  • Develop effective teams to help manage change


No prerequisites are necessary for attendance, although delegates would benefit from some experience of organisational change prior to attending the course.

Pre-Course Reading:

Delegates are provided with access to QA's pre-course learning material that will help them prepare for the classroom sessions. The pre-course work is expected to take approximately 15 hours to complete (although delegates may wish to spend longer on this activity to help them prepare more effectively).

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