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In this exciting 2 day course you’ll learn everything you need to know to create newsletters. You’ll finish with all the technical skills to ensure your HTML newsletter is viewed consistently by all email clients. The class will also cover the best practices for writing email content. We’ll cover optimum writing styles, length of articles and how best to track and measure results of newsletters. We’ll talk about writing and testing subject lines and how to get people coming back for more every week.

This course will give delegates all the skills and techniques required to create beautiful, compelling and technically superior emails.

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Introducing the Course (3 topics)

  • Understanding the course format
  • Reviewing the course objectives and prerequisites
  • Looking at the course outline

Getting Started (7 topics)

  • The use of HTML emails over plain text
  • Planning content
  • Listing and organising content
  • Design considerations
  • What structures work best in HTML emails
  • Is SEO important in emails?
  • Creating Scamps & ruffs

Writing Effective Email (4 topics)

  • Writing Strategies- what's right of you?
  • Strategies to get people coming back
  • Article Length
  • Testing subject lines

HTML Email Coding using Dreamweaver CS4 (10 topics)

  • How Adobe Dreamweaver can save time & money
  • Tables over DIV tags
  • Nested Tables
  • How best to use CSS
  • Emailer Dimensions and length requirements
  • How NOT to get black listed
  • How to avoid being seen as spam
  • Building HTML Anchors & Table of contents
  • Building off line versions of the newsletter
  • Unsubscribe links & links to your website

Image Preparation (4 topics)

  • Image format selection
  • Image optimisation for emailers
  • Alt text inclusion
  • Image Linking

Testing, Testing, Testing (3 topics)

  • Testing subject lines
  • Testing in all Email clients
  • Common issues and bug fixes for newsletters

Bulk HTML Email client review (3 topics)

  • Review of all popular bulk email clients
  • How to use Outlook to send html emails
  • 3rd party testing applications


To take this course, you should be comfortable working with the Windows or Macintosh operating system.

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