BCS Practitioner Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture

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As one of three courses centred around the BCS Certificates for Enterprise and Solution Architecture, this one focuses on the Practitioner capability.

Various key practical issues are addressed - how to establish effective governance; modelling techniques for visualising architecture; using Building Blocks; creating an Architecture specification, to list just a few.

The main objectives of the course is to get some hands-on practice at building an Architecture Specification, and to prepare for the exam associated with the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Enterprise and Solution Architecture. The course is case-study based, with ample examples and practical sessions to show how to go about this task. A revision system is used and mock exam questions will be reviewed. An exam is taken at the end of the course.


At the end of this course you will be able to use, in a practical way, the key terms and concepts of systems architecture, including:

  • Techniques for describing architecture
  • Architecture governance
  • Component-based (using building blocks) design and the use of business, data, application and infrastructure components
  • The Enterprise and Solution contexts
  • Planning the implementation of architecture, including Roadmaps and Project Plans

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Architecture and Architects (1 topic)

  • Review of intermediate level

Architecture Precursors (8 topics)

  • Stakeholders
  • Drivers, aims and directives
  • Solution descriptions and plans
  • Standards
  • Scope of architecture work
  • Requirements
  • Regulatory requirements
  • Business case

Architecture Frameworks (2 topics)

  • Review of intermediate level
  • Architecture documentation and repositories

Business Architecture (3 topics)

  • Business structure and behaviour
  • Business process decomposition and automation
  • Design for business security

Data Architecture (4 topics)

  • Knowledge and/or content management
  • Data architecture structure
  • Data qualities and integration
  • Design for data security

Software Architecture (1 topic)

  • Review of intermediate level

Applications Architecture (3 topics)

  • Applications structure and behaviour
  • Design for applications security
  • Application platform

Design for NFRS (1 topic)

  • Review of intermediate level

Infrastructure Architecture (2 topics)

  • Infrastructure structure and behaviour
  • Design for Infrastructure security

Migration Planning (3 topics)

  • Gap analysis
  • Migration path
  • Risk analysis

Architecture Management (4 topics)

  • Architecture implementation
  • Architecture change management
  • Architecture governance
  • Architecture in operations


  • BCS recommend six or more years experience of IS/IT work including contact with architects and architecture descriptions.

  • Attendees must have either achieved the BCS Intermediate-level certificate, or have studied the syllabus and associated Reference Model and be either TOGAF 8 Certified or TOGAF 9 level 2 Certified.

  • Candidates wishing to make use of their TOGAF qualification as a pre-requisite must bring a copy of their up-to-date Certificate for submission to the BCS.

A reference model for this certificate has been published by BCS. This is available on-line at http://www.bcs.org/upload/pdf/reference-model-enterprise-solution-architecture.pdf, and it is beneficial for attendees to have read through this before attending. They should also familiarise themselves with the syllabus, available at http://www.bcs.org/upload/pdf/syllabus-enterprise-solution-architecture.pdf

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