UML for Business Analysts

2 Day Course

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There are many courses about UML – the Unified Modeling Language – but this is the first to be designed specifically for the needs of business analysts, rather than systems analysts or software engineers. From the wide range of UML techniques, we have selected those that are most likely to be encountered and used by business analysts and have constructed a programme where these can be explored and understood through applying them to a realistic set of case study exercises.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to use the set of UML techniques effectively and will be better able to communicate through UML models with systems development professionals.

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Systems Modelling Concepts (4 topics)

  • The need for models and modelling
  • Models of the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Interaction of selected UML models
  • Validating and verifying models

Modelling Functions – Use Cases (3 topics)

  • Use Case diagrams - concepts and notation
  • <<include>> and <<extend>>
  • Use Case descriptions

Modelling Data – Class Models (5 topics)

  • Objects and classes
  • Classes and attributes
  • Abstraction and Encapsulation
  • Associations
  • Generalisation and inheritance

Dynamic Modelling – Interaction and Activity Diagrams (6 topics)

  • Sequence diagrams
  • Classes and operations
  • Polymorphism
  • Users and task analysis
  • Activity diagrams
  • Modelling the user interface

Where Next? (2 topics)

  • Relationship with business objectives and system requirements
  • The bridge to design, software package selection and development

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