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Being an effective Service Desk Manager requires a broad range of talents, from people-oriented abilities and an awareness of logistics to financial acumen and presentation skills. This course provides a thorough understanding of, and qualification in, Service Desk management.

The course also looks at the management of support methodologies and technologies and the tools utilised within the Service Desk. It reviews issues such as Service Level Agreements, the benefits and pitfalls and the importance of metrics; the implementation of service management processes and effective problem solving techniques that a Service Desk Manager can utilise.

The course is based upon the standards and objectives for SDI’s Service Desk Manager qualification and ensures that students are provided with the knowledge, information and tools to take the SDM exam.

Please note: The Service Desk Manager course has recently been re-launched by SDI to now be completed over 4 days instead of 5. This change has provided delegates with additional exam preparation time outside the training environment, as the exam in no longer sat as part of the course and can now be booked at a time convenient to the delegate. This change has been received positively by the participating delegates and there has been an increase in the Managers exam pass rates.


Delegates will gain:

  • A thorough grounding in the skills required to build, lead, motivate and manage a Service Desk team
  • A guide to the practical Service Desk management tools, tips, standards and support
  • An overview of industry recognised IT Service Management best practices, including ITIL V3 processes
  • An internationally recognised Service Desk Management qualification

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Building the Right Conceptual Model (3 topics)

  • Understand the role of support within the context of the organisations overall mission and strategic business goals
  • Determine the design and set-up of a successful support organisation based on proven strategies and known best practices
  • Develop a clear understanding of the elements that must be present for establishment of a successful Service Desk

Business Integration (5 topics)

  • Understand the importance of business and IT integration
  • Develop strategies aligned to organizational objectives that are designed to take advantage of business opportunities
  • Understand the importance and need for goals and objectives
  • Understand the importance of ensuring all staff are aware of the role they play in the business and why they do it
  • Determine the type and style of management reporting that best meets the organisation's needs

Service Culture (3 topics)

  • Recognise and understand the importance of understanding our customer's expectations and perceptions
  • Understand the benefit of using SLAs effectively as a service quality improvement tool
  • Understand the importance of a reward and recognition strategy and identify some different methods of reward and recognition

Implementation Planning (8 topics)

  • Determine how to develop a project plan to set-up or re-design the Service Desk
  • Identify the steps required in a project plan
  • Understand the importance of effective Process Management
  • Examine the ITSM processes with which the Service Desk has involvement
  • Determine the function of the Service Desk within the problem management process
  • Identify methods for setting priorities
  • Understand ways to maximise the use of knowledge management
  • Determine the importance of a good change management process

Operational Processes (4 topics)

  • Understand the importance of clear and straightforward processes within the workplace
  • Determine the benefits of a problem management process, and its interfaces with other key processes
  • Understand the importance of root cause analysis
  • Review the importance and benefit of metrics as part of the customer service processes

People and Motivation (3 topics)

  • Examine motivational theories and how they apply within the workplace
  • Identify the key skills and attributes required for Service Desk staff
  • Review work environment factors and their impact on staff motivation and behaviour

People Skills and Knowledge (3 topics)

  • Determine different categories of skills and knowledge required by staff
  • Identify the core business knowledge all staff should possess as a minimum
  • Determine the manner in which staff currently acquire their skills and knowledge

Quality Assurance (2 topics)

  • Understand the common QA practices used to assess, modify and improve IT services in order to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Understand the role of benchmarking in the Service Desk environment in order to obtain a comparative evaluation of performance

Tools and Technologies (3 topics)

  • Identify the commonly used Service Desk tools and technologies, their benefits and pitfalls
  • Examine the various knowledge tools available to the Service Desk
  • Identify which tools we use, which we need and why we need them

Business Mastery (3 topics)

  • Understand the responsibilities of the Service Desk in contributing to IT and business objectives
  • Implement ways to recognize and promote the benefits a Service Desk brings to the business
  • Gain a basic understanding of financial principles and business awareness

Organisational Leadership (3 topics)

  • Identify the skills required for the Service Desk team from the customer's perspective and ours
  • Determine methods to recruit and retain talented staff
  • Identify the qualities that make for effective leadership and how to develop them

Professional Development (3 topics)

  • Determine how well we manage our time and develop ways for improving our time management skills
  • Understand the importance of continual personal development, continual learning and of staying current within the industry
  • Identify techniques for staff assessment and staff development


It is strongly recommended that candidates have more than 3 years experience within the Service Desk environment before attending this event.

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