Professional Software Testing Using Visual Studio 2017

3 Day Course
Hands On

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Visual Studio Training Courses.


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Agile Software Testing (3 topics)

  • Agile software development
  • Agile testing behaviors
  • Agile requirements and acceptance criteria

Delivering Quality Software (1 topic)

  • Overcoming common dysfunctions, attributes and behaviors of high-performance teams

Planning and Tracking Quality (2 topics)

  • Forcasting and planning a sprint
  • Defining done, reporting bugs

Development Tests (2 topics)

  • Unit testing, code coverage
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)

Acceptance Tests (3 topics)

  • Acceptance testing, integration testing, UI testing
  • Performance testing, load testing, non-functional requirements
  • Acceptance Test-Driven Development (ATDD)

Exploratory Tests (1 topic)

  • Exploratory testing, testing "tours", providing feedback

Build and Test Automation (2 topics)

  • Automated building and testing, Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Build and test using Visual Studio agents

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