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This course provides students with foundational routing knowledge and configuration examples and includes an overview of general routing concepts, routing policy and firewall filters, and class of service (CoS). This course is based on JUNOS Software version 9.5R1.8.

Through demonstrations and hands-on labs, students will gain experience in configuring and monitoring the JUNOS Software and monitoring basic device operations.

After successfully completing this course delegates should be able to:

  • Explain basic routing operations and concepts
  • View and describe routing and forwarding tables
  • Configure and monitor static routing
  • Configure and monitor OSPF
  • Describe the framework for routing policy and firewall filters
  • Explain the evaluation of routing policy and firewall filters
  • Identify instances where you might use routing policy
  • Write and apply a routing policy
  • Identify instances where you might use firewall filters
  • Write and apply a firewall filter
  • Describe the operation and configuration for unicast reverse path forwarding (RPF)
  • Explain the purpose and benefits of class of service (CoS)
  • List and explain the various components of CoS
  • Implement and verify proper operation of CoS

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Routing Fundamentals (4 topics)

  • Routing Concepts
  • Static Routing
  • Dynamic Routing
  • Lab 1: Routing Fundamentals

Routing Policy and Firewall Filters (7 topics)

  • Routing Policy Overview
  • Case Study: Routing Policy
  • Lab 2: Routing Policy
  • Firewall Filters Overview
  • Case Study: Firewall Filters
  • Unicast Reverse-Path-Forwarding Checks
  • Lab 3: Firewall Filters

Class of Service (6 topics)

  • CoS Overview
  • Traffic Classification
  • Traffic Queuing
  • Traffic Scheduling
  • Case Study: CoS
  • Lab 4: Class of Service


Students should have basic networking knowledge and an understanding of the OSI model and the TCP/IP protocol suite. Students should also attend the Introduction to JUNOS Software (IJS) course prior to attending this class.

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