McAfee Email Gateway System Administration

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This course provides a detailed review of McAfee Email Gateway configuration, explanation of how messages flow through the McAfee Email Gateway and the Web Administrator and User Interface.

The course combines lecture and practical lab exercises with significant time allocated for hands-on interaction with the McAfee Email Gateway user interface. The McAfee Email Gateway training course is the perfect introductory course to prepare new customers and new employees for more advanced McAfee Email Gateway related courses and real world administration.

The Advanced section of the course provides a detailed review of the McAfee Email Gateway Command Line Interface (CLI) and advanced troubleshooting techniques through both lecture and practical lab exercises. The course concludes with a written and practical examination on topics learned in both the System and Advanced System Administration courses.

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Basic (10 topics)

  • Queue Overview
  • Web Administrator
  • Mail Firewall
  • Mail IDS
  • Policies
  • Anti-Spam
  • Queue Manager
  • Alerts
  • Reporting
  • Auto Updates/TRU

Advanced (4 topics)

  • Queue Overview/Tracing Mail in the CLI
  • Basic CLI Commands
  • Advanced CLI commands
  • Using the CLI for reporting

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