Advanced Microsoft C# 4.0 Programming

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This 2 day workshop concentrates on the more advanced features of the C# programming, leveraging it to address programming problems. It is a packed course and presented as a mixture of lectures and hands-on exercises. Practical sessions follow topics, designed to reinforce the points covered.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Use all C#  language features up to and including C#4 features
  • Working with files and data
  • Fully understand the role of generics, delegates and particularly the increasing prevalence of generic delegates in the .NET Framework Class Library
  • Appreciate the role of .NET metadata, use the types of the System Reflection namespace and develop custom attribute classes
  • Use LINQ (Language Integrated Query);  understand some of its flavours (LINQ to Objects / SQL / Dataset / XML) and its extension capabilities
  • Understand the available choices and implications when writing multi-threaded applications.
  • Appreciate and use language constructs that enable Parallel processing options that utilise the power of modern multi-core processors.

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A quick tour around advanced new features in Visual Studio 2010 (7 topics)

  • Window and Editor features
  • Consume-First mode
  • Search
  • Dependency graphs
  • UML
  • Call Hierarchy
  • (Thread visualization views)

Working with Files (4 topics)

  • Streams, Readers and Writers
  • File and Directory classes
  • Compression
  • FileSystemWatcher

Working with Data (2 topics)

  • DataReaders
  • DataSets

Language Features (4 topics)

  • Flagged Enums
  • Inheritance versioning
  • More on generics
  • Func and Lambda expressions

Getting started with LINQ (1 topic)

  • LINQ and the relationship to C#

More LINQ (6 topics)

  • Aggregation
  • Grouping
  • Joins
  • LINQ to Xml
  • LINQ to Relational
  • Architectural usage of LINQ

Going Further with LINQ (3 topics)

  • Extension points
  • Expression trees
  • A LINQ provider

Attributes, metadata & reflection (1 topic)

  • Role of metadata; Attributes; Using Reflection; Writing Custom Attributes

COM Interop and dynamic types (4 topics)

  • PInvoke
  • Run-time Callable Wrappers
  • COM Callable Wrappers
  • Primary Interop Assemblies and deploying without them

Code Contracts (1 topic)

  • An introduction to Code Contracts

Asynchronous Programming – 1 (6 topics)

  • Thread class
  • ThreadPool class
  • ASync Delegates
  • Background worker
  • Manual and Auto Reset events
  • Synchronization

The Task Parallel Library (4 topics)

  • Parallel Programming in the .NET Framework; Task based programming; The Task Parallel Library (TPL)
  • Introduction to Parallel LINQ (PLINQ);Data Structures for Parallel Programming
  • Concurrent Collection Classes
  • Thread visualization. In Visual Studio 2010


Delegates must have solid C# programming skills, Visual Studio skills and be familiar with the concepts covered in the “Introduction to Microsoft C#4 Programming” Language course particularly the rationale behind Generic types & the role of delegates. Students who attend the QACSHPL-40 course are expected to have some practice before attending this course.

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