Novell GroupWise 8 Advanced Administration

4 Day Course
Hands On
Official MicroFocus (Previously Novell) Curriculum
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This Novell GroupWise 8 Advanced Administration course is a four day, hands-on experience. It provides a
highly technical look at the features of GroupWise 8 from the Administrator role and teaches you how to troubleshoot those features. The labs in this class focus on leveraging GroupWise features to make administration and troubleshooting a GroupWise 8 system more efficient.

During this course, you will learn to:

  • Describe the GroupWise architecture.
  • Apply support packs.
  • Configure the advanced agent.
  • Configure advanced GWIA.
  • Configure advanced WebAccess.
  • Secure GroupWise with SSL.
  • Install and using the client.
  • Work with and resolve common support issues.
  • Install mobile solutions.
  • Implement a two-cluster node on Linux and install GroupWise in the cluster.

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Architecture Review (3 topics)

  • eDirectory Review
  • GroupWise and eDirectory
  • GroupWise System Architecture

Applying Support Packs (2 topics)

  • Upgrading ConsoleOne Snapins and the Software Distribution Directory
  • Upgrading Domains and Post Offices

Advanced Agent Configuration

Advanced GWIA Configuration (3 topics)

  • Upgrading GWIA
  • Installing a Second Agent
  • Agent Failover

Advanced WebAccess Configuration (4 topics)

  • Upgrade the WebAccess Application and Agent
  • Configure the WebAccess Application Web Console
  • Configure a Second WebAccess Agent
  • Agent Redirection and Failover

Securing GroupWise with SSL (4 topics)

  • Create a Self-Signed SSL Certificate
  • Secure Agent Communication
  • Secure Client Communication
  • Secure the Web Server

Client (5 topics)

  • Client Rollout with SetupIP
  • Upgrade Clients with Auto Update
  • Auto Update with SetupIP
  • Enabling LDAP Authentication
  • Configure Caching Mode

Top Support Issues (3 topics)

  • GroupWise User Move
  • Restore a Deleted User and Mail
  • Recreate User Database

Mobile Solutions (1 topic)

  • Install and Configure GroupWise Moble Server

Clustering (3 topics)

  • Configure Shared Storage
  • Install Cluster Services
  • Install GroupWise in the Cluster


Before taking this course, you should have a fundamental knowledge of networking technologies, especially TCP/IP. Solid working knowledge of Novell eDirectory is required, including the use of ConsoleOne, tree organization, and how to browse the tree. GroupWise administration skills are also required. You must know how to access GroupWise objects from the GroupWise view in ConsoleOne. It is also necessary for you to know the GroupWise folder/file structure.

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