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2 Day Course

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Business audiences today demand increasingly high quality presentations and make major decisions on the basis of those presentations. Being able to present skillfully, powerfully and influentially is a key capability for people in many roles in organisations, especially at senior management and executive levels.

Common concerns we hear from people who attend this course include:

  • How do I structure my presentation in a persuasive way?
  • How do I create real ‘presence’ when presenting?
  • How do I connect with my audience?
  • How do I use words powerfully to connect, persuade and influence?
  • How create the maximum impact through my presentation and visuals?

Using a highly participative approach, as well as leading-edge ideas around maximizing personal and presentation impact, this course will stretch you to shift from being a good presenter to a great presenter.

Delegate numbers are limited to 6 to ensure everyone has enough practice time, as well as detailed feedback from the facilitator and fellow participants. Presentations are videoed to provide additional valuable feedback.

All of our trainers are experts in their field and have many years’ experience in delivering excellence in presentation skills.


  • Create and deliver memorable presentations
  • Create a clear sense of purpose for your presentation
  • Use storytelling to enthuse your audience
  • Engage your audience in your subject
  • Field challenging questions confidently
  • Create a compelling structure for your presentations
  • Develop your own personal style
  • Enhance your presentation skills through powerful feedback

Target Audience

This course is aimed at those who are already experienced in presenting and want to take their skills to the next level, for example to:

  • Make sales or client presentations
  • Pitch ideas to colleagues and stakeholders
  • Make boardroom presentations
  • Present to staff and colleagues
  • Give conference and roadshow presentations
  • Give keynote speeches
  • Talk to the public or the media

If you are less experienced, or new to delivering presentations, our Present with Impact (MPDPWI) course is likely to be a better fit for you.

Training Partners

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Day 1 (7 topics)

  • 1. Welcome and domestics
  • 2. Introductions
  • 3. Purpose and storytelling
  • 4. Optional topic 1
  • 5. Preparation for your first presentation
  • 6. Delivery of your first presentation and feedback
  • 7. Review, wrap-up and homework

Day 2 (8 topics)

  • 1. Review of yesterday's presentation
  • 2. Engaging and enthusing your audience
  • 3. Optional topic 2
  • 4. Fielding challenging questions
  • 5. Compelling structure
  • 6. Preparation for your second presentation
  • 7. Delivery of your second presentation and feedback
  • 8. Action planning


  • You’ll be asked to bring along two prepared business presentations, using any format you wish. Both presentations must be between 9 and 10 minutes long. If using an electronic format, you should, ideally, bring their own equipment, e.g. a laptop, or your presentations on a memory stick. A projector will be provided.
  • You’ll also be asked to research examples of presentations that you find particularly engaging, these can be from Ted Talks (, YouTube or similar, or even from watching a colleague give a presentation at work. You will need to be ready to discuss why you found them engaging. You’ll not need to bring a copy with you, but if it’s online, bringing the link may be useful.

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