Commercial Awareness

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Do you need to develop your skills as a commercially focused professional?
Do you need to understand critical business issues?
Do you want to improve your ability to spot business opportunities?
In today’s increasingly competitive environment people in specialist roles need to have more commercial awareness and responsibility. This course gives you an introduction to, and understanding of, how to focus on critical business issues needed to support your role as a more commercially focussed professional.

The course uses a balance of practical theory, activities and case studies to enable delegates to quickly grasp how to apply what they are learning to their own organisations.


Delegates will learn how to:

  • Improve their ability to identify business opportunities.
  • Describe how the external environment impacts their business.
  • Analyse the internal strengths and weaknesses of their business.
  • Analyse the external threats facing their business.
  • Understand the power and influence that stakeholders have on their business.
  • Carry out a stakeholder analysis.
  • Adopt a partnership approach to all business relationships.
  • Identify the main factors that influence business stability and success.
  • Define hard and soft measures of business success.
  • Understand the forces affecting their organisation’s ability to serve its customers and make a profit.
  • Bring a commercial focus to relationships with external and internal customers.
  • Recognise that everyone in the organisation has a responsibility for creating its future.


Course Topics (8 topics)

  • Analyse internal and external factors impacting their organisations
  • Learn about Corporate, Business and Operational strategies
  • Use SWOT and PESTLE to assess their own organisations' commerciality
  • Practise stakeholder identification and develop approaches to stakeholders
  • Understand the concept of 'T-shaped people' and the commercial significance
  • Learn about their current level of customer focus and developing commercial relationships
  • Learn how to apply Porter's 5 Forces
  • Obtain rapport building, questioning and listening skills

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