M50351: SharePoint 2010 Overview for Developers

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This 2-day instructor-led course will teach you all the new development changes that were made to SharePoint 2010 including Sandboxed solutions, LINQ, REST, Client Object Model, BCS, Workflows and Claims based authentication.

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Overview (1 topic)

  • A simple introduction module.

User Interface (6 topics)

  • New SharePoint Features
  • User interface
  • UI Improvements
  • Create Page
  • Ribbon
  • Wiki Capabilities

Visual Studio 2010 (4 topics)

  • Explore SharePoint Project Templates
  • Packaging and Deployment
  • Advanced Deployment
  • Server Explorer

Sandboxed Solutions (6 topics)

  • Explore Sandboxed Solutions
  • Create and Test Sandboxed Solutions
  • Explore Limitations of Sandbox Solutions
  • Configure Sandbox Points
  • DeveloperDashboard
  • Enable Developer Dashboard

LINQ and RESTREST (7 topics)

  • Utilize REST Services
  • REST Service Reference
  • REST List Service Calls (PUT, GET)
  • REST Excel Service
  • LINQ Introduction
  • Utilize LINQ For SharePoint
  • Use SPMetal.exe

Client Object Model (6 topics)

  • Explore Client Object Model
  • Utilize Client Object Model (.NET)
  • ECMAScript
  • JavaScript Object Model
  • SilverLight
  • Utilize Client Object Model (SilverLight)

Business Connectivity Services (3 topics)

  • Explore External Content Types
  • Create a new External Content Type
  • Create an External List

Workflows (7 topics)

  • ReusableWorkflows
  • Create Reusable Workflows (Site/Global)
  • Export a workflow to Visio
  • Import a workflow from Visio
  • Save as Template
  • ModifyOOBWorkflow
  • Modify Out Of Box Workflows

Claims Based Authentication (3 topics)

  • ClaimsBasedAuth
  • Programming with Claims
  • Creating custom claims provider


.NET Object Oriented programming and understanding of development in SharePoint 2007.

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