ATM and Frame Relay

3 Day Course
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The Background to ATM (5 topics)

  • Local area networks and the bandwidth problem
  • Wide area networks and the utilisation problem
  • The different classes of application and their network needs
  • The rapid growth of demand for bandwidth
  • The need to interconnect local area networks across the wide area

Available Technologies (4 topics)

  • The origins of ATM in the ISDN
  • The Synchronous Digital Hierarchy and SONET
  • Metropolitan area networks - FDDI and DQDB
  • Frame Relay and its applications

The Architecture of ATM (5 topics)

  • ATM as a transport mechanism in the wide and local areas
  • The basic structure of the ATM cell
  • Transmission and multiplex procedures
  • Switching techniques for ATM
  • The standards for ATM

The Layered Model of Protocols for ATM (1 topic)

  • The user

The ATM Physical Layer - Layer One (3 topics)

  • control and management planes
  • The purpose of the layers in the reference model
  • The nature of the ATM interfaces

The ATM Layer - Layer Two (4 topics)

  • The Transmission Convergence sub-layer
  • Transmitting cells over the older (plesiochronous) systems
  • Transmitting cells over the newer (synchronous) systems
  • Operation and Management information flows

The ATM Adaptation Layer - Layer Three (6 topics)

  • The User-Network Interface (UNI)
  • The Network-Network Interface (NNI)
  • Virtual paths and the virtual path identifier (VPI)
  • Virtual channels and the virtual channel identifier (VCI)
  • ATM payload types
  • Generic flow control at the user-network interface

ATM Signalling and Addressing (8 topics)

  • The Segmentation and re-assembly sub-layer (SAR)
  • The Convergence sub-layer (CS)
  • AAL type 1 - continuous and structured data streams
  • AAL type 2 - variable bit rate applications
  • AAL type 3/4 - data transfer
  • AAL type 5 - the simple solution
  • Signalling mechanisms for ATM - the Signalling AAL
  • The service-specific connection oriented protocol (SSCOP)

LAN Emulation (4 topics)

  • Signalling procedures
  • Signalling message types
  • Meta signalling
  • Signalling standards - Q.2931

Other ATM Applications (2 topics)

  • UNI 3.0 and 3.1
  • Address formats - E.164 and related formats

Frame Relay - the Basics (3 topics)

  • LAN emulation client and server implementations
  • LAN emulation protocols
  • Protocols over ATM LANs

Congestion Control in Frame Relay Networks (2 topics)

  • SMDS over ATM - the switched multi-megabit data service
  • Video-conferencing

Addressing for Frame Relay Networks (2 topics)

  • high definition TV and multimedia
  • High fidelity sound applications

Frame Relay Call Control - Q.933 (6 topics)

  • The protocol functions of a network service
  • Terminated versus unterminated network services
  • Frame relay and frame switching
  • The control plane and the user plane
  • The Q.921 frame structure for the ISDN D-channel
  • The Q.922 frame structure for frame relay

Higher Layer Protocols over Frame Relay (5 topics)

  • Forward and backward explicit congestion notification
  • Discard eligibility
  • The committed and excess information rates
  • The committed and excess burst sizes
  • The commercial effects of congestion and how they are handled


Delegates should have a good understanding of data networking concepts

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