Learn to Code - Creating Web Pages

1 Day Course
Hands On

This course has been retired. Please view currently available HTML, XHTML and XML Training Courses.


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Creating a Basic Web Page (2 topics)

  • Introduction to Web Design and Development
  • Create a Basic Page Structure

Structuring Content (3 topics)

  • Create Headings and Horizontal Rules
  • Control Text Flow
  • Create Lists

Applying Styles Using CSS (4 topics)

  • Format Text
  • Format Lists
  • Format Images
  • Modify Page Background

Working with Tables (3 topics)

  • Create a Table
  • Modify the Table Structure
  • Format the Table

Linking Web Pages (4 topics)

  • Create Hypertext Links
  • Create Image Links
  • Create Email Links
  • Format Links


Delegates should have a working knowledge of the Windows operating environment and be familiar with the concepts and use of the Internet.

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