Adobe Fireworks Introduction

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum
Code FWL1

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On this course you will learn how to use tools in Fireworks to create and edit web graphics with both vector and bitmap images, work with layers, build buttons, add rollovers, slice images, and optimize and export graphics.

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Introducing the Course (4 topics)

  • Getting familiar with the course methodology and format
  • Understanding the course objectives
  • Reviewing the course prerequisites
  • Outlining the course content

Adobe Fireworks New Features (8 topics)

  • Robust prototypes
  • Import from other design applications
  • Hierarchical organizational structure
  • Customizable symbols
  • New blend modes and effects
  • New color palette
  • Dreamweaver & Flash integration
  • Adobe Bridge

Working with Bitmap Graphics (4 topics)

  • Creating new images
  • Using selection tools
  • Modifying bitmap images
  • Working with additional bitmap tools

Creating a Logo with Vectors and Layers (7 topics)

  • Using vector tools
  • Using strokes and fills
  • Selecting and grouping
  • Using layers
  • Using the Text tool
  • Using effects and styles
  • Combining simple paths

Creating Buttons (2 topics)

  • Creating buttons
  • Using graphics as buttons

Creating Image Maps and Rollovers (5 topics)

  • Adding interactivity
  • Slicing objects
  • Adding behaviors
  • Creating disjointed rollovers
  • Creating a pop-up menu

Optimizing and Exporting (4 topics)

  • Exporting from Fireworks
  • Optimizing graphics
  • Exporting graphics
  • Exporting as HTML


This course is for people wanting to learn how to edit and prepare images for the web with Fireworks. Familiarity with web terminology will be an advantage.

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