CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Overview

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While CDMA2000 networks provide a higher voice capacity and support for packet data networks, they do not meet the IMT-2000 requirements for 2 Mbps data rates. 1xEV-DO represents the next step in the evolution of CDMA2000 systems. 1xEV-DO provides data rates in excess of 2 and 3 Mbps and support of non-real-time packet data services. The course will show how 1xEV-DO is deployed as an overlay to CDMA2000 networks. Discussion on air interface protocols, channel structure and network interfaces round out the discussion on 1xEV-DO. The course also introduces the 1xEV-DO technology. Specifically, over the air interface aspects are explained to show how 1xEV-DO can achieve the 2 Mbps bandwidth. In addition, the 1xEV-DO network architecture is covered.

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Introduction CDMA2000 refresher (7 topics)

  • The Basic 1X Network
  • The 1xRTT migration path for the CDMA from 2G via 2.5G to 3G
  • 1xRTT Radio Interface channels types and functions
  • 1xRTT and EV-DO integrated network architecture
  • The network architecture, all IP network
  • Radio Resource Management (RRM) in 1x system
  • CDMA2000 Data Network Architecture

1xEVolution Data Only (1xEV-DO) technology (20 topics)

  • 1xEV-DO RF interface overview
  • EV-DO Forward channel description and structure
  • Data protection and coding techniques in CDMA2000
  • RF modulation types
  • QPSK
  • 8PSK
  • 16QAM
  • 64QAM
  • The physical layer of IS856 RF interface
  • The functions of the various RF channels including: RRI, DRC, ACK,
  • R-power control, Reverse activity
  • MAC channels and Walsh symbols (MAC index)
  • The channel structure, time slots and codes
  • Handoff in EV-DO
  • Resource allocation in EV-DO
  • The RF channels structure, signal generation and multiplexing
  • EV-DO system overlaying with & without 1x system
  • Interoperability 1x & EVDO
  • EV-DO system only - without 1x system services
  • EVDO RLS A enhancements


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